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Tabletop RPGs for kids and teens: A sortable list of amazing games!

This sortable list of tabletop RPGs made for all ages, kids, and teens is to help you find a game that works for you and the kids you are introducing TTRPGs to! I want to help you find a game that you and your kids will both enjoy playing together!

Note: This post may contain affiliate links. At no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission from purchases made using them. TTRPGkids uses this to keep the site going. Read full disclosure here.

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The purpose of TTRPGkids is to help you bring quality tabletop RPGs (from indie games to D&D) to your kids!

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My goal with this kid, teen, and all-ages tabletop RPG list:

My goal is to try out the games on this list and write reviews on this site so you know what to expect with the games you’re considering. This way, you have one central place to go to for finding kid and teen-focused tabletop RPGs and can get all the information that you need.

I play and review several games per month, so stay tuned on the site or get on board for the monthly newsletter to help keep up to date. I have mostly started with tabletop RPGs rated for either all-ages or for very young kids since my kid (and primary co-playtester) falls into that range. As opportunities present to set up games with older kids, and as my kid grows, I am expanding upward to make sure I cover game reviews for every age group.

Ratings and mechanics in tabletop RPGs for kids, teens, and all ages:

I determined the sortable features by the creator’s information (either on their game description or by asking them) or by 3rd party game reviews (if the the information was not otherwise available). So, the ratings and mechanics for each tabletop RPG on the list are my best estimate from my research and information available online to help you find a game, but they may differ from your views. Before introducing a new tabletop RPG to your child, you should also research the game to make sure it is appropriate for you and your child’s specific needs and requirements.

For age ranges, tabletop RPGs labeled “all ages” mean they were intended for a wide audience (kids and adults) and shouldn’t contain any content that isn’t also OK for most kids. However, as stated above, this can vary, so please use your judgement as well.

As I playtest and review each tabletop RPG with my kid, I will update the ratings and mechanics in the list so that it’s easier for you to pinpoint what’s right for your particular kid.

Recommendations and corrections to the tabletop RPG list:

If you have recommendations for additional tabletop RPGs to add or if you see a correction is needed, please contact me through the site’s contact form. I am happy to make updates and want all my information to be correct.

For recommendations, this list’s goal is to have tabletop RPGs (or game supplements) that were made for kids, teens, or all ages (i.e. with the intent of being accessible to both children and adults) versus games made for adults that one could say are OK for some kids and teens to play or that you have played with kids and teens. I am willing to branch out and will research all recommendations, but I am noting here in case something doesn’t ultimately end up on the list.

List of 230+ kid, teen, and all-ages tabletop RPGs!

For smaller screens: Make sure to scroll right to get all the information on these kid-friendly tabletop RPGs!
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Feathertail Fallsall ageskickstarterfeatured project
d12goall agesDriveThrureviewd12 system
Hedgehog and Hot Air Balloonsall ageskickstarterreview
16 Mice in a Mech Suitall agesko-fireviewd6 system
Wall-to-Wall Adventuresall agesitchioPublished by TTRPGkids!system agnostic
Mages and Macrophages6+game websitereview
featured project
d20 system
Luna Uniall ageskickstarterfeatured projectd6 system
StarGems4+kickstarterfeatured projectd6 system
The Fae Teamall agesitchioreviewd6 system
Gigacity Guardians4+Patreonfeatured projectd6 system
Good Natureall agesDriveThrureview
featured project
d6 system
Color My Quest: Dungeon Run Adventures4+kickstarterfeatured projectd6 system
The God Corpse13+DriveThruRPGreviewd20 system
Movie Nightall agesDriveThruRPGreview1d6
Bard RPGall ageskickstarterinterview
d6 system
Familiar Finders Society collectionall agesgame websitereviewjournaling + picture book combo
I Went to the North Pole Onceall agesitchioreviewmultiple d6's
Re-di-goall agesgame websitereviewhand signals/finger counting
Complete the Quest8+Barnes and Noblereviewstorytelling, adventure book paths with full character party
16 Mice Make Soup (MouSoup)all agesko-fireview3d6
Questlings (game)8+game website
reviewd6, d8, d20
Starswornall agesgame websiteCh1-Ch 2 review
Ch3 review
featured project
Numbskullsall agesitchioreview2d6
The Caravan Enduresall agesitchiointerviewdice pool
Eldritch Petsall agesitchioreviewjournaling
Jump Rangers8+itchioreview
featured project
multiple d8's
featured project1d6
Crawl of Cthulhu4+DriveThrufeatured projectd6 system
DnD Adventure Cluball agesgame websitereview
d20 system
Wanderlustall agesitchioreviewjournaling, printable cards
Monster Adoption Centerall agesitchiofeatured project1d6
Power Outageall agesgame websitereview
d8 system
Venture Societyall ageskickstarterfeatured projectd10 system
Teddy the RPGall agesDriveThrureviewmultiple d6's (PUSH system)
Action Figure Rescue Squadall ageskickstarterfeatured projectd12 system
ENI8+itchiofeatured projectd20 system
Stacks of Goblinsall agesitchioreviewd12 system
GunPlayaall ageskickstarterfeatured projectdice pool
Adventures on a Single Pageall agesitchio
reviewadventures - system agnostic
GDEC (Global Dragon Egg Conservation)all agesitchioreviewjournaling, deck of cards
The Grandmother Treeall agesDM's Guildreviewd20 system (5e)
Michtim: Fluffy Adventuresall agesitchio
reviewmultiple d6's
Color My Quest4+kickstarterreviewd6 system
Skyrealmsall ageskickstarterfeatured projectsystem agnostic
Little but Fierceall agesDriveThruRPGreviewd20 system
Critical Core9+game websitereview
d20 system
Animon Storyall agesgame website
Featured Project!multiple d6's
UNLucky Adventurers8+kickstarterreviewcards and 1d6
Princess World8+itchio
reviewmultiple d6's
Sodalitasall agesitchio
Gangs Jrall agesgame websitereviewwar-game
Dino Riderz3+game website
reviewtier 1: no dice
tier 2: no dice
tier 3: d20 system
Babies and Broadswordsall agesDriveThrureviewd6 system
Overgrownall agesitchioreviewd20
Trash Banditsall agesitchioreview1d6
Omotenashiall agesitchioreviewdeck of cards
Troublesome Totsall agesitchioreview1d10
5 Second Ruleall agesitchioreview3d6
Tiny Tome (1-page TTRPG anthology)varies depending on each gamekickstarterreviewvaries
Push SRDall agesitchioFeatured Project!1d6
You're (Not) A Wizardall agesitchioFeatured Project!unknown
Felt, Friendship, and Feelingsall agesDriveThrureviewmultiple d6's
Banda's Groveall agesgame websiteFeatured Project!no dice
Disaster Hamsters 2all ageDriveThruRPGFeatured Project!d20 system (5e)
Adorablinsall agesDriveThrureview
cards and 2d6
The Hero's Taleall agesAmazonreviewd20 only!
Inspirislesall ages
designed for teens
game website
Trouble at Santa's Workshopall agesitchioreview4d6
Stories RPGall agesitchioreview
Shrewmanjiall agesDriveThruRPGreviewd20 system
Magic Ratall agesitchioreview1d6
World of Wyldrvirall agesgame website
interviewd20 system
Milky Monstersall ages
designed for ~8yo
creator website
Brave Bunniesall agesDriveThruRPGreview12d6
Magical Kitties Save the Dayall agesgame website
reviewmultiple d6's
No Mice, No Meowstersall agesitchioreviewno dice
(1d6 opt at start)
Fairies of the Mistglade3+game website
tier 1: no dice
tier 2: no dice
tier 3: d20 system
Amazing Tales4+game website
opt d12 system
Warrior Princess4+google drivereviewd20 system
Hero Kids4+game website
reviewmultiple d6's
Dino Ninja7+itchioreview2d6
Fliptales8+game websiteinterview
Adventure Workbooks: The Word Wizard4+itchioPublished by TTRPGkids!system agnostic adventure
The Winter Wonder Expressall agesitchioPublished by TTRPGkids!system agnostic adventure
Glyfi Scoutsall agesitchioPublished by TTRPGkids!printable tokens
Glyfi SRDall agesitchioPublished by TTRPGkids!printable tokens
Skellian: A Land of Tricks and Treatsall agesitchioPublished by TTRPGkids!printable tokens
STEM Station: A Space Station Adventure!all agesitchioPublished by TTRPGkids!printable tokens
Mystery Snacksall agesitchioPublished by TTRPGkids!d6 system (Breathless system)
Bakers, Charge! A Baking Competition TTRPGall agesitchioPublished by TTRPGkids!multiple d6
(Charge System)
Magical Mayhem in a Mug!all agesitchioPublished by TTRPGkids!no dice, printable paper tokens
Solar Mech Squad: A Solarpunk TTRPGall agesitchioPublished by TTRPGkids!multiple d6
(Caltrop Core system)
Critter Mech Squad: An Animal Rescue TTRPGall agesitchioPublished by TTRPGkids!multiple d6
(Caltrop Core system)
Energeoesall agesitchioPublished by TTRPGkids!3d6
Phantastic Heroesall agesitchioPublished by TTRPGkids!multiple d6's (PUSH system)
StoryGuider: A TTRPG to play with toddlers!2+itchioPublished by TTRPGkids!
no dice
StoryGuider: Sandy's Holiday Specials2+itchioPublished by TTRPGkids!no dice
StoryGuider: Sandy the Dragon Core Trilogy2+itchioPublished by TTRPGkids!no dice
StoryGuider: The Astronaut Trilogy2+itchioPublished by TTRPGkids!no dice
StoryGuider: The Treasure Seeker Trilogy2+itchioPublished by TTRPGkids!no dice
StoryGuider: The Hero City Trilogy2+itchioPublished by TTRPGkids!no dice
StoryGuider: The Adventure Chef Trilogy2+itchioPublished by TTRPGkids!no dice
StoryGuider: Betti the Yeti Trilogy2+itchioPublished by TTRPGkids!no dice
StoryGuider: The Mediator Mouse Trilogy2+itchioPublished by TTRPGkids!no dice
StoryGuider: Wizard in Training Trilogy2+itchioPublished by TTRPGkids!no dice
StoryGuider: The Rune Warrior's Tale2+itchioPublished by TTRPGkids!no dice
Adamantine Chef8+itchio
DM's guild
d20 system
Advanced Fighting Fantasy8+ (depends on specific setting)DriveThruRPGmultiple d6's
Adventure Builder5+kickstartercards
Adventure Maximus8+game website
dice (unclear)
Adventure with Mukall agesDM's guildactivity book
All Growed Upall agesunder released12 system
Alterra: Age of Explorationall agesgame website
d20 system
Ampersand games7+game websited20 system
Animal Adventures8+game websited20 system
Astraterraall agesgame websitemultiple d6's
Babes in the Woods8+game website
Briar and Bramble8+ (depends on specific setting)itchiomultiple d6's
Bullesall agesitchio1d20
Bunnies and Burrows8+game website
multiple d6's
Capes & Masks8+DriveThruRPG2d6
Catall agesDriveThruRPGunclear
Classic Marvel Foreverall ages (depends on specific setting)game websited100
Claws and Effect8+itchio3d6
Clowderfellall agesitchio
d20 system
Complete the Quest (currently sample available)8+DriveThruRPGno dice
Convergenceall agesitchiod6 system
Cozy Townall agesitchiounclear
Crescent Moonall agesitchiod8 system
Cryptid (Mis)Communicationall agesitchiono dice
D&D Adventure Begins10+game websitecards
D&D Adventures for Kids8+game websited20 system
D&D: Dungeon Scrawlers8+game websitetile cards and tokens
Dagger: A Toolkit for Fantasy Gaming with Kidsall agesDriveThruRPG1d6
Delve4+game websitecards
no dice
Dinosaur Princessall agesDriveThruRPGmultiple d6's
Dixit8+amazoncard game
Do: Fate of the Flying Temple8+game website
Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple8+game website
Dungeon Mayhem8+game websitecards
Dungeons and Bananas5+itchiomultiple d6's
Dungeons and Dragons8+ (depends on specific setting)game website
d20 system
Easy as RPGall ageslink to game file4d6
ElfinFolkall agescreator website
Epyllion: A Dragon Epic6+itchio
Escape from Dino Island8+ (depending on specific setting)itchio2d6
Excellentsall agesgame website
1 die/person
(1d4 OR 1d6 OR, etc)
Expedition8+game websitecards
Exquisite Heroall agesitchiono dice
Faery's Tale Deluxe6+DriveThruRPGunclear
FASERIP8+ (depends on specific setting)DriveThruRPGunclear
Fate Accelerated8+game website
Fighting Fantasy Books8+ (depends on specific setting)game website
no dice
Fighting Monstersall agesitchiono dice
Figmentall agesitchio
First Fable6+DriveThruRPGdice
Formsall agesitchio1d6
Freeform Universalall agesgame website
multiple d6's
Freeform Universal - Hacksall agesgame websitemultiple d6's
Fungi Forceall agesitchiounclear
FurbHouseall agesitchiomultiple d6's
Fuzzy Heroes7+DriveThruRPGunclear
Garden of the Giantall ageskickstarterd12 system
Genesys RPG13+game website
d20 system
Glitter Grimoire8+ (depends on specific setting)DM's guildd20 system
Goblin Quest7+itchio
Golden Sky Stories7+game website
currency based
Goons in Toyland6+itchio
Green Dawn Mall13+itchiomultiple d6's
GunFrame8+game website
dice pool
Happy Birthday, Robot8+game website
Happy Little Treants7+DM's guildd20 system
Here to Slay10+game websited6 system and cards
Hidden Realms8+DriveThruRPG1d6
Hogwarts: An RPGall agesitchio2d6
Honey Heist13+game website
Horses are Magicall agesitchiounclear
I, Toasterall agesitchiod20 system
Indie Kids Menuall agesitchiounclear
Journey Homeall agescreator website
Kids on Bikes12+game websited20 system
Kids on Brooms12+game websited20 system
Koboldly Go8+itchio
Laser Poniesall agesDriveThruRPG1d20
Le Collier de Titaniaall agescreator websiteno dice
Le Roi du Neant contre L'Alliance des Quatre Mondesall agescreator website
no dice
Little Mimic in a Big Cityall agesitchio2d6
Little Wizards6+game website
Lost in the Fantasy World7+itchio
multiple d6's
Macchiato Monsters13+DriveThruRPGd8 system
Magic and Mischiefall agesitchio
multiple d6's
Mall Kids10+game website1d6
Masks: A New Generation13+game website
multiple d6's
Mausritter7+game website
multiple d6's
Meddling Kids7+DriveThruRPGunclear
Mermaid Adventure4+DriveThruRPGmultiple d6's
Milestone Play's contentall agespatreond20 system
Modern Mythology13+patreongame under development
Monkey Ninja Pirate Robotall agesDriveThruRPGmultiple d6's
Monster Madness8+game websitecards
Monsters and Other Childish Things8+game website
d10 system
Mouse Guard8+game websited6 system
Mutants and Masterminds8+ (depends on specific setting)game website
d20 system
My Cute Monstersall agesitchiod6's + candy
My Little Pony: Tails of Equestria8+game website
d8 system
Next Horizonall agesitchio
No Thank You Evil!5+game website
multiple d6's
Once Upon a Timeall agesgame websitecards
Pastel Horsesall agesitchiomultiple d6's
Pathfinder8+ (depends on specific setting)game website
d20 system
Paws10+itchiono dice
Playground Adventures4+game website
Pocket Wanderhomeall agesitchiono dice
Ponyfinder7+DriveThruRPGd20 system
Precious Little Animalall agesitchio
Primal8+ (depends on specific setting)DriveThruRPGd20
Prosopopéeall agesgame websitedice
Pugmire8+game website
d20 system
Quest RPG8+ (depends on specific setting)game website
d20 system
Questlings (books)4+game websiteno dice
Quests of Yore8+game websited20 system
Rawr8+DriveThruRPGmultiple d6's
Risusall agesitchio
multiple d6's
Robit Riddle8+game websitedice
Root RPGall agesgame website
multiple d6's
Ryuutamaall agesgame website
d12 system
Save the Day RPG8+DriveThruRPGunclear
School of War8+ (depends on specific setting)itchio
multiple d6's
Scramble Wizards8+itchiounclear
Scum and Villany13+game website
Secret Science Sewer Siblingsall agesitchiomultiple d6's
SHARP8+game website
multiple d6's
Silly Situations7+walmartcards
Slime Time TVall agesDriveThruRPG2d6
So You Want to be and Adventurer8+itchiomultiple d6's
Solar Echoes7+game website
multiple d6's
Sonja and Konan13+itchio1d6
Squirrel Attackall agesDriveThruRPG unclear
Storm Hollow5+game websitemultiple d6's
Stuffed Fables7+amazonmultiple d6's
Super Elite DinoForce - A Silly RPGall agescreator website
Talent Questall agesitchio
deck of cards
Tales from the Loop13+game website
multiple d6's
Teatime Adventuresall ageskickstarterd20 system
The Big Nightall agesDriveThruRPGno dice
The Forests of Faeraall agesitchiodice (unclear)
The Magical Year of a Teenage Witchall agesitchiono dice
The Orc and the Pie6+itchio3d6
The Princes Gameall agesDriveThruRPG unclear
The Secret Lives of Gingerbread Menall agesLuluunclear
The Whispering Road8+DriveThruRPGd6's and d8's
The Young Adventurer's Collection8+game websited20 system
The Zorcerer of Zo8+DriveThruRPGunclear
Tiny d68+ (depends on specific setting)game websitemultiple d6's
Tiny Dungeon: Hatchling Edition6+DriveThruRPG3d6
Tiny Storiesall agesitchio1d6
Tricube Tales5+DriveThruRPG3d6
Wanderhomeall agesgame website
no dice
Witch Girlsall agesDriveThru RPGd20 system
Year of the Flood13+game website
multiple d6's
Yeld!all agesgame website
multiple d6's
Yoshi Contre les Ninjas (Yoshi vs. Ninjas)5+itchio1d6
I am the Witchall agesitchiono dice
One Cranky Dragon4+itchiounclear
I Went to Seattle Onceall agesitchiomultiple d6's
Santa's Helpersall agesitchiod10 system
The Longest Inchall agesitchio3d6
Riding the Ley Lineall agesno dice (LARP)
Lovelandall agesitchiounclear
Rod, Reel & Fistall agesitchiounclear
Story Time Framesall agesitchiosocial media
Lemurs on the Looseall agesitchio2d6
Raccoon Sky Piratesall agesitchiod12 system
It's Time to Plant the Beansall agesitchiodice + journaling
Creature Spotted!all agesitchiod8 system + drawing
Top of the Table Soccerall agesitchiomultiple d6's
Magical Petsall agesitchio1d6
Chief Engineerall agesitchiounclear
This Night on the Rooftopsall agesitchiounclear
Everyday Enchanterall agesitchiono dice
journaling option
Goblin Cleaning Crewall agesitchiounclear
Trashnauticaall agesitchio2d6 + playing cards
Abenteuerspielall agesitchio6d6
S.A.D. Zinesall agesitchiounclear
Cordelia Needs a Kingdomall agesitchiojournaling
Overislesall agesbackerkit (under development)multiple d6's
Amazing Heroes8+game website1d6
opt d12 system
Adventure Tactics13+game websitedice, tokens, etc (all in boxed set)
Disaster Hamstersall agesDM's Guildd20 system (5e)
StoryDiceall agesonline roller/idea generatorapp or custom 6 sided picture dice
Hogwarts: An RPGall agesitchiomultiple d6
I am the Witchall agesitchiono dice
Once Upon a Birthdayall agesitchiod6, d8, d10
Wondertopia!all agesitchiomultiple d8's
WanderSquares9+game website
d6's and map squares
DnD 5e New Player Tutorialall agesitchiod20 system
Squawk8+DriveThrud20 system
Doctor Who RPG10+DriveThru2d6
Doctor Who : The Silurian Age10+DriveThru2d6
Tricks, Treats, and Spooky Streetsall agesitchiod6 pool
Friends with Ghostsall agesthe dice that you have available
Last Chanceall agesitchiod6 system
Golbin Errandsall agesDriveThru
Argyle & Crew4+DriveThru

DriveThru (ideas book)
sock puppets!
Dungeon Babiesall agesDMs Guildunclear
Ravenloft Gave Me Goosebumps8+DriveThrud20 system
Squidaddle!8+DMs Guildd20 system
Making a Hero8+DriveThru
The Dungeoneer's Cookbookall agesitchio1d6
Fat Magic8+backer kitd20 system
Ready. Set. Bake.all agesitchio2d6
A Meal to Remember8+DMs Guildd20 system
Gift Scrambleall agesitchio
Mission: Present Pursuitall agesitchio
Pass the Cheerall agesitchio
Saving Christmas8+DriveThru
DMs Guild
An Ogre and His Cake5+DriveThrud20 system
Clonker's Guide to Being a Hero5+DriveThrud20 system
Adventures with Muk (5e)all agesd20 system
Muk's Guide to Everything He Learned from Tashaall agesDriveThrud20 system
Doodle Dice Monstersall agesDriveThrudice + drawing
Goblin Heistall agesDriveThruunclear
Kid Friendly 5e7+DriveThrud20 system
A Yuletide Surprise! A Christmas 5e One Shot for Kids8+DriveThrud20 system
For the Queen13+game websitecustom card deck
Index Card RPGall agesDriveThruindex cards
Dragon Dowserall agesitchiocustom tarot cards and dice
Monster Care Squadall agesitchio2d6
Lasers and Feelings10+itchiomultiple d6's
Teens in Space8+DriveThrud20 system
Hero Kids Space Expansion4+DriveThrumultiple d6's
16 Mice in a Mech Suitall agesko-fi3d6
Fireside diceall agesgame websitecustom dice
WyrdScoutsall agesDriveThrud10 system
Little Heroes - A Guide to Children at the Tableall agesDriveThruguide (non-system)
Ma'avle the Spider Queen6+DriveThrud20 system
Christmas Starlight: A one-shot Christmas adventure for kids6+DriveThrud20 system
Grammy's Country Apple Pie8+DriveThrud20 system
The Treatise of Adventure6+DriveThrud20 system
A Most Potent Brew - A Basic Rules Adventure8+DriveThrud20 system
Trail of the Ghost Bird8+DriveThrud20 system
Before Phandelver - A Tutorial Adventure8+DriveThrud20 system
D&D for Kids8+DriveThrud20 system
Mara: A Barbarian Add on For Little but Fierceall agesDriveThrud20 system
Color My Quest: Into the Troll's Cave4+DriveThrud6 system
Color My Quest: Into the Ghost Ship4+DriveThrud6 system
Color My Quest: Into the Haunted Mansion4+DriveThrud6 system
Super Kids - A Superhero Expansion for Hero Kids4+DriveThrumultiple d6's
Hero Kids - Yuletide Journey4+DriveThrumultiple d6's
Hero Kids - Space Expansion4+DriveThrumultiple d6's
The Big Book of Amazing Tales4+DriveThru1d6
opt d12 system
Amazing Heroes4+DriveThru1d6
opt d12 system
Amazing Tales: Rescue City4+DriveThru1d6
opt d12 system
Amazing Tales: The Cryptid Conundrum4+DriveThru1d6
opt d12 system
Amazing Tales: Captain Cadava's Treasure4+DriveThru1d6
opt d12 system
Making a Hero Campaign6+DriveThrud20 system
Avatar Legends: The Roleplaying Game8+DriveThrud6 system
ImproVetoall agesitchiod6 system
Rodents with Guitarsall agesitchiod12 system
Arithmagine6+itchiod6 system
Educational Encounter Bundle8+itchiod20 system
Literacy Dice11+itchiod6 system
The Princess Gameall agesDriveThrustorytelling
Mystical: Kingdom of Monsters8+DriveThrud20 system

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17 thoughts on “Tabletop RPGs for kids and teens: A sortable list of amazing games!

    1. Thank you! It was a lot of research to put together, but it was also an awesome learning experience to see all the different games and systems out there.

  1. My wife and i got so joyous that Peter could do his studies using the ideas he made out of your site. It is now and again perplexing to simply continually be freely giving secrets and techniques which often many people may have been making money from. We remember we need you to be grateful to because of that. Those explanations you have made, the straightforward website menu, the friendships your site aid to promote – it is most impressive, and it is helping our son and our family believe that the idea is pleasurable, which is certainly exceedingly essential. Thanks for all!

    1. I am so happy you are enjoying the site and it is of value! I really wanted this to be a free resource and accessible to everyone, and comments like this make the work worthwhile to me. You are very welcome, and I hope it continues to bring joy and to support a love of TTRPG’s with your son and family!

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