The Legend of RIO: a system agnostic adventure spark for the Coinsides Adventure Sparks Jam

This game was made as part of the Coinside Adventure Sparks Jam and is a fun call-out to games like Mario and Legend of Zelda, includes two platformer style maps for players to explore, is system agnostic, and is great for running as a side quest or a one-shot.

Uncovering the Legend of RIO

For as long as any bard can remember, tales of a legendary hero known only as “RIO” have circulated about firesides stories and tavern tales. Stories of his great feats of agility, bravery, and perseverance have inspired generations to face their challenges head on and to start over… and over… and over… when necessary. Now, our own adventurer(s) will have the opportunity to experience for themselves a taste of the life of RIO… and perhaps gain a “token” of wisdom for their own perseverance as well.

By means of an ancient artifact, cursed ruins, or the wild creation of a wizard and bard teaming up to bring stories to life, give your party the chance to experience The Legend of RIO for themselves, rescue The Princess, face The Dragon Turtle, and find the secret power up coin!

This adventure contains: 

  • 4 scenes for players to explore and interact with
  • 3 possible hooks to get adventuring parties (from any genre) into the story
  • 3 options for what the special power coin prize means to the party
  • 2 platformer-style maps, including a tower descent and a water level
  • 1 system agnostic light-hearted quest for all-ages

Find a copy of The Legend of RIO:

Find the adventure here on my page, and I hope you enjoy!

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