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Fey Wanderer is a rules-lite TTRPG made for all ages to play! With easy to understand mechanics and a clear premise it’s great for everyone (kids or adults) to have a fun and creativity-filled game!

*As a note, the intro for this was written by Steph from TTRPGkids, and the below description was written by the project’s creator

A whimsical, rules-lite TTRPG

Fey Wanderer is a whimsical, rules light ttrpg in which you play fey creatures on a quest to find a treasure in the fey realm. It uses simple dice pool mechanics which are very easy to understand and an open magic system.

There are only four stats in the game, Fortitude which represents strength, Wit which represents your awareness, speed which represents agility and reflexes and health which is a measure of how many wounds you can take in an encounter.

The magic system greatly encourages creativity and imagination in your game play and works using a combination of spheres of magic and words of power. You choose one or more spheres of magic that you draw your magic from and choose words of power that determine how your magic manifests.

Examples of spheres of magic are Fire, Illusion, Fortune and Alchemy. Examples of words of power include flash, haste, merge and weaken.

As a character’s score in one of their ability scores or spheres of magic increase the dice pool they use to determine a success grows too. Examples of the type of fey you can play include fairy, goblin, púca, nixie and ogre but that is not the entire list.

Each fey type comes with bonuses to certain ability scores or spheres of magic. The character creation process is very simple with players being able to spend points to tailor their ability scores, increase your level of power in a sphere of magic and take words of power to shape your spells to create a fully unique character.

Facing challenges together

In a game of Fey Wanderer the party must complete a minimum of three obstacles in order to succeed. First they must pass a physical challenge in which they must overcome the magical terrain of the fey realm, second is a social challenge in which you are interacting with other fey creatures trying to navigate the social rules of fey society and the final challenge is to defeat the guardian of your treasure. These are powerful creatures such as the mighty phoenix, powerful elf or terrifying nuckelavee but just as with the fey creatures you can choose to play the list of ancient guardian fey is extensive. This final fey creature is the guardian of the treasure you are seeking and you must defeat them by whatever means you decide. You can defeat them in combat, use trickery to deceive them or any other plan to get your treasure.

Made for access to all ages

Fey Wanderer is a ttrpg which was designed to be a simple rules light game that can be quickly played. All you need to do is pick the fey creature you wish to play, decide which abilities scores and magic you want to specialise in and which treasure you want to seek while the GM randomly rolls to determine which terrain obstacle, social obstacle and guardian fey creature the party will face.

The simple rules set makes it perfect for children, especially the magic system as you simply explain to the GM how you interpret the power word you are using with the sphere of magic you have chosen to create the magical effect you want. This highly imaginative magic system is perfect for children who are often better at using such a system than adult players who are more used to structured magic with predefined spells. While this game can be played with children of all ages it is better suited to children six years old or older, who are numerate however this is not essential.

Some younger children may find adding the totals of their dice pools challenging and become confused that their spells are linked to a specific sphere of magic to guide how the words of power manifest. But the system was designed in this way to give more focus to the magic as purely open systems can become overwhelming as players find themselves frozen in indecision as they have too many choices to what they can do when creating spells.

Fey Wanderer was designed to be fun, lighthearted and easy to learn game that is perfect for regular groups of adult players who find that half their group has had to cancel and are looking for an impromptu game to play. However in designing this game it became apparent that it was also perfect for children, especially younger children as the imaginative and open magic system at its heart is perfectly suited to a child’s imagination. We hope you enjoy the opportunity for you and the kids you play ttrpgs with to be fey creatures questing in the fey realm using magic powered by your imagination to overcome challenges in search of treasure and glory. 

We currently have a kickstarter which you can support here https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/brambleheartgames/fey-wanderer 

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