D&D 5e for kids: A list of awesome adventures, hacks, and rewrites!

This is a sortable list of D&D 5e compatible adventures, hacks, rewrites, and supplements to help you with brining D&D to kids!

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D&D 5e for kids from one-shot adventures to campaigns

My goal with this D&D 5e adventures for kids list is to provide you with some kid-friendly and kid-focused options for bringing D&D into your homes or classrooms. There’s a variety of recommendations in the list that include both one-shots adventures and campaigns to run with your kids or class.

There are a ton of kid-friendly tabletop RPGs out there that aren’t D&D, but it’s also OK to play what you are familiar with and share that with the kids in your life. At the same time, a lot of caretakers may have concerns about introducing fighting or scary encounters or complicated mechanics from D&D to their children.

I’m hoping this list helps you to find some balance between the system you want to play (in this case, D&D 5e) and you and your kid’s needs.

Disclaimer, recommendations, and corrections for these D&D 5e games for kids:

Unless I did a review (links to these are on the right side of the list), I am going off of the author’s information about kid-friendliness and mechanics compatibility, so please make sure to also review the materials yourself before reading directly to your kids. D&D, in general, can contain some material that not everyone wants to introduce to their kids, so it is important for each caretaker to make their own judgement as well. I review games regularly (from here and my general games list) to give you as much info as I can to make judgements going in, so check back regularly for more info (the monthly newsletter is a great way to stay caught up!)

If you have recommendations for additional D&D 5e adventures for kids to add or if you see a correction is needed, please contact me through info on the site’s contact page. I am happy to make updates and want all my information to be correct. I’m specifically looking for D&D 5e one-shot and D&D 5e campaign suggestions that are geared at kids or work for all ages as they are written (without modification).

For recommendations, this list’s goal is to have D&D 5e adventures and rewrites that were made specifically for kids or for all-ages (i.e. with the intent of being accessible to both children and adults) versus games made for adults that one could say they have played with kids before. I am willing to branch out and will research all recommendations, but just a note in case something doesn’t ultimately end up on the list.

List of D&D 5e adventures, hacks, and rewrites for kids!

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GameDescriptionFind a copyTTRPGkids posts
DnD Adventure ClubMonthly subscription program to a D&D 5e kid-focused adventure with adjusted mechanicsgame websitereview: quickstart guide

review: Wilds Trilogy

Interview with co-founder, David
Little But Fierce
by DC Bradshaw
D&D 5e full rewrite to make everything (playable characters, encounters, mechanics, spells, etc) both more kid-friendly and understandableDriveThruRPGreview
Fairies of the Mistglade
by Family Fantasy RPG
For ages 3+, this includes scalable 5e compatible mechanics that go along with a kid-friendly fairy themed adventure!game website
Dino Riderz
by Family Fantasy RPG
For ages 3+, this includes scalable 5e compatible mechanics that go along with a kid-friendly dinosaur themed adventure!game website
Bullywug Bullies
by Family Fantasy RPG
For ages 3+, this includes scalable 5e compatible mechanics that go along with a kid-friendly fairy themed adventure!DriveThruRPGreview
The GoblingsRules-lite version of 5e with a kid-friendly adventureDriveThruRPGreview
The Grandmother Tree
by Purple Bog
A 5e adventure designed for elementary kids with a focus on puzzles and problem solving with less combat and smashing.DM's Guildreview
Happy Little TreantsA 5e adventure designed for all ages that draws inspiration from Bob Ross and his love of natureDM's guildreview
Mages and Macrophages
by Ampersand Games
Full boxed kit games (includes EVERYTHING you need to start) with 5e-based mechanics adjusted for use with ages 6+game websitereview
Disaster Hamsters 2
by Plot Hooks
Sequel to Disaster Hamsters, this is a 5e adventure where you play as a Hamster! Includes kid-friendly adventures and tips for running D&D with kids.DriveThruFeatured Project!
Critical CoreFor age 9+, Critical Core is built on 5e rules and with a therapeutic focusgame websitereview
The God CorpseFor teaching high school biology class with a premade adventureDriveThruRPGreview
Class Cheat SheetsCheat sheets to help with organizing character info!DriveThrufeatured project
Kid Friendly 5eA guide for running D&D with kids! Includes character creation guides, sheets, and moreDriveThru
Disaster Hamsters
by Plot Hooks
A 5e adventure where you play as a Hamster! Includes kid-friendly adventures and tips for running D&D with kids.DM's Guild
DnD 5e New Player Tutorial AdventureA D&D 5e introduction that walks players through the basics!itchio
Ravenloft Gave Me Goosebumpstips for playing different horror genre style games but with kids based on RavenloftDMs Guild
Squidaddle!Spelljammer for kids!DMs Guild
Making a Hero5e rules lite adventures made for kids!DriveThru
An Ogre and His CakeA 5e adventure about an ogre and his cake! Made specifically for kids.DriveThru
Clonker's Guide to Being a HeroA 5e adventure about an ogre named Clonker! Made specifically for kids.DriveThru
Adventures with Muk (5e)A D&D 5e adventure that follows Muk, the bravest goblin
Muk's Guide to Everything He Learned from TashaMuk, the bravest goblin, covers updates from Tasha's Cauldron!DriveThru
200 Non-Combat Creature EncountersOffers alternative options for running encounters that don't involve combatDriveThru
Ravenloft Gives Me Goosebumps: Genres of HorrosHow to tweak D&D horror elements to be more suitable for kids ages 8+DriveThru
A Yuletide Surprise! A Christmas 5e One Shot for KidsA holiday one shot designed to run with kids!DriveThru
Character Sheet for Young PlayersA 5e character sheet for kidsDriveThru
Youth Focused Character SheetA 5e character sheet for kidsDriveThru
5e New Player Friendly Basic Character SheetA 5e character sheet for new playersDriveThru
5e New Player Friendly Spell SheetA 5e spell sheet to help new playersDriveThru
Role-Playing Game Character Creation Questions for KidsA 5e aligned character creation questionnaire to help kids make cool charactersDriveThru
Little Heroes - A Guide to Children at the TableGuide for introducing young players to TTRPGs, specifically D&DDriveThru
Ma'avle the Spider QueenA 5e adventure for ages 6+DriveThru
Christmas Starlight: A one-shot Christmas adventure for kidsA holiday 5e adventure for ages 6+DriveThru
Grammy's Country Apple PieA 5e adventure for ages 8+DriveThru
The Treatise of AdventureRules lite 5e for ages 6+DriveThru
A Most Potent Brew - A Basic Rules AdventureAn introductory 5e adventure for ages 8+DriveThru
Trail of the Ghost BirdA 5e introductory adventure for ages 8+DriveThru
Before Phandelver - A Tutorial AdventureA 5e introductory adventure for ages 8+DriveThru
D&D for KidsRules lite 5e for kidsDriveThru
Mara: A Barbarian Add on For Little but FierceExpansion for Little But Fierce's rules lite 5e for kids to include the barbarian classDriveThru
Making a Hero Campaign5e introductory campaign for young players (target age 6-12)DriveThru

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