Review of 10 Downing, a Mausritter Campaign!

We return to Mausritter with an adventure through the home of the British Prime Minister in 10 Downing in today’s review! With new quests, factions, and more, it’s a great addition to your Mausritter collection.

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10 Downing is recommended for all ages (requires number recognition)

10 Downing is a setting and adventure collection for the Mausritter system that takes place in the home of the British Prime Minister!  The story it includes some rats moving in on the house with your mice characters fending them off or parley, there’s a library to explore, alley cats to dodge and a friendly cat whom the mice characters hold an alliance with, and more that remind me very much of the Country Mouse and City Mouse stories that I read as a kid. There’s some combat, but there’s also options to handle without combat, and there’s a variety of adventures to pick from depending on your group’s preferences. 

This adventure uses the the Mausritter system which has rules lite mechanics and a visual inventory system, making it really easy for my kid to understand and for me to help him with while we played, so it’s accessible for young players even if really little kids might need some help counting up to 20 on the die.

10 Downing is set in the British Prime Minister’s house!

10 Downing takes place in the British Prime Minster’s home with your characters being little mice who are generally friends with the people who live there but are encountering some trouble from a group of rats that are trying to move in.

The game includes a floor plan map of the house to explore freely and mysteries or interesting details to find in each area of note and several NPCs to interact with ranging from rats and alley cats to The Chief Mouser and the home’s pet gerbils. There are also quests like corralling The Queen’s corgis and solving a puzzle inside of an old bust to unlock new abilities, giving plenty of variety for players to tackle, explore, and engage with.

Your character in 10 Downing

Because 10 Downing is a Mausritter campaign, your character creation is going to align with what I had previously reviewed for Mausritter here.

What’s unique about 10 Downing is that you have some extra new options for spells and equipment, which you can print from the digital files to include with your game. Other than that, I think it’s good that they’re pretty similar to Mausritter‘s base character creation process so it’s easy to jump into the game with an existing character that you might have from another adventure.

Mechanics in 10 Downing

Like with character creation, I’m going to refer to the Mausritter mechanics review that I did previously for my explanation of the core mechanics, but I want to highlight some of the unique parts for 10 Downing itself.

Within the story for 10 Downing, you’ll find lots of great roll tables to help with adventure progression, determining treasure, and helping randomize NPC reactions and moods for interesting gameplay. There’s new items to find and use (like the coat from a Paddington stuffed bear for armor) that you can add to your general Mausritter supply options or extra conditions (like Buttered, which I thought was very fun) that can affect gameplay. These don’t change the core mechanics of the game, which is good, and instead add a bit of flavor to them and make the game a bit easier to run by providing quite a bit of GM material to go off of.

I also really liked the Trapped Tablet puzzle, which is maze through a hollowed out old bust found in the house – there’s challenges, puzzles, and traps to solve that made for some fun use of the game’s mechanics.

Overall thoughts on 10 Downing

Like with Kiwi Acres, we really enjoyed getting to check out this adventure for Mausritter! It posed new challenges, gave us more areas to explore, and was engaging for both me as the game guider and my kid as the player. We liked the variety in the different quests available and had a lot of fun with it – I hope you do too!

Find a copy of 10 Downing

You can find a copy of 10 Downing on DriveThruRPG!

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