Review: Coven of Cats, a D&D 5e compatible TTRPG adventure

Coven of Cats is a D&D 5e compatible adventure that’s great for any age where you play as magical cats who have joined together to study the arcane arts and solve a mystery that’s plaguing the other cats in town.  It comes with everything you need to play, is wonderfully illustrated, and is purrfect for some cat-themed TTRPG fun!

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Coven of Cats is a story for kids or adults (based in D&D 5e, system typical rec is 8+)

Coven of Cats is an adventure and story that’s great for any age – kids and adults can both have fun with this.  There’s a bit of combat, but nothing overly violent, and the feel is one of exploration, adventure, problem solving, and camaraderie over being focused on combat for the sake of running encounters.

Coven of Cats uses the D&D 5e system for character sheets, stats, roll values, etc.  D&D 5e is typically recommended for 8+ due to the mechanics involved, but if your kid is younger and OK with 5e mechanics OR you want to use this adventure but with a different system, the adventure itself should be alright for most players.

Coven of Cats is set in the modern day world of animals

Coven of Cats takes place in (and around) Lunar Cove, a human town, and is seen through the eyes of the animals who inhabit it.  Humans are present, but they’re definitely the background to the animals, who are the focus of the story. 

Your cat coven, finding themselves lost when their dumpster meeting place behind the magic shop is unexpectedly moved mid-coven meeting, must brave the dangers of the junkyard, find their way through the stray dog park, and uncover the secrets of the night market of the underpass.  They’ll face Mean Gulls and dog packs and fox witches while also making some friends along the way… and growing closer as a coven.

Your character in Coven of Cats

Your characters are all cats who are part of the same coven meeting up on a monthly basis to practice the arcane arts behind the town’s magic shop!  In Coven of Cats you can either make your own character using D&D 5e rules to create their stats and abilities OR you can use one of the six premade characters that comes with a fully filled out character sheet, ready for you to go.  The character sheets are illustrated wonderfully to fit the vibe of the game, and they’re easy to follow with all your info on one page.

Mechanics in Coven of Cats

Because Coven of Cats uses D&D 5e mechanics, I’m going to take this section to focus on the mechanics and layout of the adventure itself and to showcase what makes this game so unique and magical.

A thorough and well laid out adventure

Coven of Cats is a three part mini-campaign that is one of the most well laid out D&D premade adventures that I’ve seen so far.  It has read-alouds and clear stat check DCs, tactics suggestions for encounters, premade stat blocks, paper minis, and player handouts in B&W or color and in multiple print sizes, VTT assets, including full maps and minis, and more.  

Everything has been thought of and is ready to go, making this perfect for a GM who doesn’t have a ton of time to prepare or a newer GM who wants to get used to running adventures and seeing what’s involved without all the extra pressure of planning everything for your first game.  

It’s also very easy to follow – with all of that information, it can sometimes get cluttered, but this is not.  It’s organized, and each part flows one into the other.  You don’t have to flip through the book to look up information mid-encounter, it’s all sequentially listed so you don’t need to search for it.. 

Mazes, maps, and more

Each chapter of the story also has a really cool interactive element for players to explore and that’s already 100% set up for the GM.  There’s a trash maze that has different tiles meaning different things and random effects from the junkyard rats happening as you explore, there’s a stray dog park map to check out that’s full of different dog packs (that gave a good chuckle… especially the Yippers and the Odd Mutts), and there’s a night market with games, food, shops, and more to entice PCs into having a interesting evening with the fox witches who inhabit the underpass. 

Each section is highly engaging and is unique from the other maps and challenges found in previous chapters.  There’s new tricks to find out and new puzzles to solve with each part of the adventure.

Overall thoughts on Coven of Cats

I really like the combination of adventure and cozy vibes from Coven of Cats, and, being a forever GM, I appreciate the effort that went into planning this out and making it so polished that anyone else can pick up the adventure and fluidly run it without really any prep except for printing.  It’s also a beautiful game – the illustrations are amazing, clean, and cute, and there’s so many of them!  I highly recommend checking out Coven of Cats, and I hope you and your group have a great time getting up to some mystical shenanigans with your coven of feline witches!

Find a copy of Coven of Cats

You can find a copy of Coven of Cats here on the r-n-w website!

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