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Featured Project: Venture Society, on Kickstarter today!

Venture forth with Venture Society! Play as brave animals teaming up to face challenges and take on adventures while practicing social-emotional learning skills! Check it out here, and help support an awesome all-ages focused kickstarter!

*As a note, the intro for this was written by Steph from TTRPGkids, and the below description was written by 9th Level Games


Venture Society is an all ages, non-violent RPG focusing on building communication, social, and emotional skills.

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What is The Venture Society?

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In this world of animals, the regions used to be at war with each other. Thankfully brave animals from each region united for peace and formed the Venture Society.

The Venture Society is a worldwide organization dedicated to helping others and encouraging harmony with your fellow animals, and you’re invited to join. You and your friends will play as newly inducted members ready to start making a difference by following the Venture Society principles of communication, emotional wellness, personal strengths, and social awareness!

Skill building in Venture Society through roleplay

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These in-game principles are pulled from Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) skill areas.  As a member of the Venture Society, you will be rewarded by using these skills during your adventures rather than violence, arguing, or ignoring the issues.

Communication examples include following directions & finding solutions. Emotional Wellness examples include self-control & calm down strategies. Social Awareness examples include listening, empathy, & peer pressure. Personal Strengths examples include setting goals & recognizing consequences.

Playing & running Venture Society is easy!

  • Adventures run 30-45 minutes 
  • The focus is on communication and solutions over combat 
  • Character creation is just 3 simple questions
  • The polymorph system is rules light & has NO MATH!

Venture Society comes with over 20 pre-written adventures. They all follow a simple structure and allow for a hands-on activity to bring the focus back to the table. Timing is key and all adventures can be run between 30-45 minutes.  The boxed RPG comes with a standing adventure booklet with player-facing art and GM-facing information.

Character Creation is a simple as choosing a name & answering these three simple questions: What type of animal are you? What helpful thing do you do in town? What item do you have with you?  Or use one of the six pre-generated characters to start right away

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Venture Society uses the polymorph system, which has been nominated and won awards for Best Rules. This unique use of a ONE-DIE-PER-PLAYER model means that each player only ever rolls one die type. 

Highlights of polymorph:

  • No math! Roll against a chart of numbers. 
  • The GM never rolls, keeping the focus on the player.
  • Always a chance to succeed or get a help token 
  • Rules light with a narrative focus  

What can I get with Venture Society?

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The featured item is the Venture Society boxed RPG, complete with the GM & Professional Guidebooks, Adventure Booklet, 6 Dice, 6 Dry Erase Character sheets, tokens, card deck, and more!

You’ll also be able to pick up just the Venture Society RPG guidebook with everything to run the game & digital adventures or the Professional Therapist & Teacher Guidebook to use Venture Society as a tool in your daily work.

Published by 9th Level Games, creators of Kobolds Ate My Baby, The Excellents, MAZES Fantasy Roleplaying, Schrodinger’s Cats card game, & more! Learn more about 9th Level Games at

venture society TTRPG cover

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