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Featured Project: major updates to Jump Rangers, a sci-fi tabletop RPG for kids!

Jump Rangers is a full sci-fi game system (complete with gear, a creature list, lore, characters, and stories) that plays out like an epic space opera! I’ve played it before with my kid, and there’s a ton of new updates to check out here as well!

*As a note, the intro for this was written by Steph from TTRPGkids, and the below description was written by the game’s creator

Big updates to Jump Rangers since the TTRPGkids review

First of all, thank you to the TTRPGkids community for supporting the Rangers!

Since Jump Rangers was reviewed by TTRPGkids back in April, I’ve made a handful of substantial leaps in the game’s development!


First, to help fuel Patreon subscriptions and to establish a pace with new material, I’ve started writing weekly micro-supplements called DATADECKS. Some of these supplements offer new characters, vehicles, locations, gear, or even new rules for character creation to the players.

Other supplements stand more as gameplay or storytelling guides, to help gamers in the development of their Jump Rangers opera or their roleplaying skills.

Still others strive simply to provide a little whimsy, nonsense, and distraction. For example, the “Saurian Cuisine Hazard Chart” is exactly what it sounds like!

When this article is published, there will be 32 individual Datadecks available through the Patreon subscription. Just with regard to the Saurian Horde alone, the space dinosaur empire of Jump Rangers, there’s enough material in those files to compile, edit, and publish a whole new game expansion!

Getting into the Datadecks has helped me keep the game growing while I look for artistic talent and develop my plan for the future of Jump Rangers, and it’s been a lot more rewarding than I expected it to be!

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Version 2.0 of Jump Rangers Tabletop Roleplaying Game streamlining gameplay

Even more importantly than the Datadecks, I’ve begun a 2.0 revision of the Jump Rangers Tabletop Roleplaying Game. The character creation process has been heavily revised, streamlined, and simplified.

Tools, NPC, and other game systems have been rebalanced to accommodate the new gameplay. Lore has been updated, and the loose wiring between old and new material is finally getting cleaned up. Necessary lore updates that keep Jump Rangers in step with our society’s cultural development are also being attended to.

As of right now, both the JUMP RANGERS COREBOOK and INTEL FILE: CRITTERS OF THE GALAXY are completely revised. Next on the list is INTEL FILE: OF MICE AND MANDIBLES, which deals with the lore and gameplay between the space mouse Mistlings and the giant creepy crawlies from space we call the Spore Bugs.

Once the larger expansions have been revised, I’ll turn my attention to reworking the Datadecks that were released prior to the 2.0 rework. There’s a lot to do, but the game is already in a much stronger place! Gameplay is faster, it’s easier to get a game started, and there’s more fun on the tabletop. I feel happy and proud with the work I’ve done, and I can’t wait to share it with you!

Try out a copy of the Jump Rangers game for yourself!

If anyone wants to try the game, you can visit our Patreon and download the text to the Corebook for free. Supporting the game helps pay the artists who are eager to start developing the visual design of Jump Rangers, and it paves the way for all the great developments that are still down the road! As we say in the Jump Rangers, “Go high and go far, Ranger!”

Jump Rangers - title

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