Adventure Workbooks: The Word Wizard title

Adventure Workbooks: The Word Wizard

TTRPGkids is coming out with Adventure Workbooks! These are playable stories that teach different milestone curriculum skills, like reading sight words, writing, and math, in a fun and engaging way!

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In The Word Wizard, kids will learn 60 words through a combination of story interaction, tracing, and sounding out words to both progress the story and cast spells!

Adventure workbooks education tabletop RPG for kids example pages for tracing and sounding out words

Kids will explore The Enchanted Forrest, deliver a pie to a dragon, delve into mysterious mazes, meet The Spelling Bees, and take on a sticky mess of random letters that they can turn into spells with their, then honed, Word Wizard powers!

There’s a spell for each letter of the alphabet, lots of sight words to try out, and a big word at the end of each section to practice new and interesting sounds and words.

The Adventure Workbooks series will include optional dice game mechanics involving a single six sided die and progression mechanics to ensure that no one gets stuck. The overall story is broken into manageable chunks to make sure that there’s set places for breaks and it’s clear to see progress between sessions.

You can find a copy in the Tattered Bear store and on the TTRPGkids itchio and ko-fi!

Thank you for checking out my games, and I hope you enjoy the rest of the TTRPGkids site as a resource as well!

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  1. Super excited for this! My 6 y/o just worked through the PF Beginner Box Solo Adventure and we had a blast. I have a 4 y/o who will be about ready for this when you release! Can’t wait to pick it up!

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