Review of Hairy Shanks, a rune-based TTRPG about wonderfully wild characters

Hairy Shanks is a tabletop RPG about playing as a chaotic little hairy creature who draws power from the runes within them. Using only spatial randomization mechanics it’s super accessible for new and young TTRPG players, and it was a great game to check out!

Review of Holiday Respite, a TTRPG for reflecting on the adventure’s you’ve already had

I got to try out Holiday Respite as part of the Bear Hugs 2023 charity stream and had a GREAT time playing it with the creator herself!  Check out my review here to see how its look-back storytelling helps with reflection and makes for a great holiday game for all ages.

Review of Teatime Adventures!

Teatime Adventures is a cozy TTRPG with exciting stories and wonderful characters to discover and explore with each session.  It’s beautifully illustrated, has mechanics that promote collaboration and empathy, celebrates inclusion and wholesome vibes, and even has adventure-related recipes for some delicious baked goods that are just as much a treat as the rest of the book!

Review of What’s Popping Fellow Kids, a cringy game about fitting in

What’s Popping Fellow Kids is a TTRPG that puts the kid in the GM seat as the adult, playing a cryptid, tries to fit in at school!  It’s a great way to learn about your kid’s day and have some fun giving your child a chance to run the scene!

Review of The Library Game, an adventure for learning about libraries!

The Library Game by Open Story Games is a TTRPG/LARP where players learn about library organization while acting as researchers trying to prepare for a catastrophe that’s about to befall the building! Collect magical words for creating your solution before time runs out!