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TTRPGkids Featured Project: SKYREALMS!

Skyrealms is a combo TTRPG and coloring adventure! Great for kids or grown ups, Skyrealms comes with a setting, creatures, plot lines, coloring activities, and more, all to be used with any TTRPG system!

*As a note, the intro for this was written by Steph from TTRPGkids, and the below description was written by IKO, one of the creators of Skyrealms

Organize group coloring sessions with your kids. Use crayons, markers, gouache, or any other coloring tool as you introduce them to RPGs. Play with your littles or friends, or just enjoy a chill solo activity. Skyrealms, a fantasy system neutral tabletop RPG for adults and kids alike, allows you to do that. 

Three floating islands drift in the thick Mist. Eerie creatures dwell among the clefts, and slumbering cyclopes lie waiting to be awakened. Hanging at the threshold between mortals and gods, brimming with secrets and mysteries, as charming as they are perilous: the SKYREALMS await the adventurer.

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SKYREALMS is a sourcebook containing a setting, a bestiary, adventures and more, compatible with any game, including OSR games, Troika, D&D, AND it’s also a coloring book. A collection of accessories expands the Skyrealms book and provides all you need for endless sessions of TTRPG fun and exploration: foldable coloring map, pamphlets, solo exploration and drawing game card deck.

SKYREALMS crowdfunding campaign runs on Kickstarter from June 7th to July 5th. It offers to the backers 3 reward tiers: Digital, Standard, and Deluxe. A special Wholesale reward tier is dedicated to schools, educators and libraries.

SKYREALMS is produced by an international team of writers and artists, including IKO (Broken Luck, The Lost Bay Podcast) and Evlyn Moreau (Where The Wheat Grows Tall). Guest contributors include Emiel Boven (DURF, The Electrum Archive), Armanda Haller (Paranoid Android, Log Lady), and Bordercholly (Knights of the Road), with editing by Sam Leigh (Anamnesis). 

All of SKYREALM’s eerie landscapes and eccentric characters, 22 illustrations in total, are designed to be colored to fit your setting (or simply the limits of your imagination!). Print your Digital Tier or grab your physical copy of SKYREALMS, choose your dice and your favorite coloring tool!

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The SKYREALMS book contains a full fantasy world suitable for one-shots or full campaigns.

  • CREATURES: 16 creatures with unique abilities, items, mood tables, lore, and habitat. Use them as NPCs or backgrounds for playable characters. Each creature is illustrated by Evlyn Moreau.
  • MINI-DUNGEON: Explore the skull of the gigantic Cyclops, fight Goosedemons and Exomorphs, and discover the forgotten riches of the Skyrealms.
  • MAGIC: 20 unique game-neutral spells and a table of critical failures. Master the elements, create life, and try not to upset the She-Goddess.
  • ITEMS: 20 curious items, including rainbow chunks, a broken space suit, crystal flowers, and tasty jelly berries.
  • SETTING: Creatures, spells, locations, and items of the Skyrealms are all tied together to create a full living world. Clashes, alliances, or debts: discover the relationships between the folks and factions of the Skyrealms.

SKYREALMS is a game about exploration and wonder, something to transport you away from your troubles. It has a modular structure, and each component of the accessories adds a layer to the fantastic world you are discovering. Each step makes it more familiar and more alien at the same time.

skyrealms - floating island

SKYREALMS is a labor of love from writers, designers, artists, and producers across the TTRPG scene. It came about because we wanted to make something a little bit cool, a little bit weird, and a little bit zen – and now it has come together and we can’t wait to share it with you and hear your stories.Jump to the SKYREALMS!

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