Featured Project: A Million Lightyears Away

A Million Lightyears Away is a space themed TTRPG for ages 8-12 that features kid characters, Year Zero mechanics adjusted for younger players, and tips on creating a streamlined campaign for children! Check it out here!

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As part of this year’s Pocketquest game Jam back at Drivethrurpg this small roleplaying game is designed as a good intro for all ages! It uses the Year Zero Engine FTL license to create a modified version of the system, trying to make it a little bit more streamlined and reinforce some key aspects of the story. 

A Million Light Years Away is a roleplaying game written with a particular focus on using it to play with kids from 8 to 12 years old. The system’s easy to grasp for that age range, and they are already used to playing video games, so they might find themselves intrigued by the idea that a video game might be a gate for amazing adventures.  The Player Characters will be children, just like them, that have been selected to join in an epic adventure in the farthest reaches of space. They will pilot starships, rescue mythical artefacts, face dangerous robots, fight for freedom, and protect innocent people from the attacks of evil galactic empires. All the while searching for a way back home.


Based on the popular rpg engine used in games like Mutant Year Zero, Vaesen or Forbidden Lands, this game takes advantage of the YZE FTL license to adapt the system to a younger audience. The game uses the basic attributes, combining them with the use of Talents that allow players to shine when the concept of their character it’s the focus of the action. 

There are a few specific changes to the rules that reinforce the themes that guide the whole game:

  • Technology and Willpower: All the player characters have access to a special gamepad that allows them to do all kinds of fantastic stuff. They are their own video game pads but modified by technomagic. They can use them to pilot their ships, hack the systems of the enemy, and create energy shields… As the game evolves, they will be able to leave their dependency on technology behind, as their own willpower and self-confidence grows. 
  • Entrenched Dice:  If you get extra successes in a roll, you can save them for later rolls, or to spend them with some Talents. The idea here is to give the player a sense of accomplishment. When you do something right, you grow confidence for later actions. 


  • A 16-page rulebook with everything you need to play the game. 
  • A printer-friendly version of the rulebook. 
  • A file with blank character sheets, available also in a printer-friendly version. 
  • English and Spanish versions of all the files. 
  • An exciting new setting with lots of callbacks to sci-fi classics from cinema, tv and literature. 
  • Plenty of interesting factions, locations and alien species that will enrich your games.
  • Year Zero Junior! A game system based on the Year Zero engine, modified to make it easier to learn and use with younger players.
  • 6 illustrated character sheets so you can play right away. The same characters are also included without any traits, so you can personalize your character.  
  • Advice on how to create a streamlined campaign, making the PC’s the focus of the story. Guide the Children while they try to access the secret locations of the Drift, and the Nodes, and use them to reprogram the evil Robots and save the universe! Use the Player’s Archetypes and Favorite Games to help you create the greatest game experience for your players!


You can find A Million Lightyears Away on DriveThruRPG!

And check out what kind of characters you can make in the game here!

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