Glyfi Scouts tabletop game

Glyfi Scouts: a Glyfi powered tabletop RPG!

Glyfi Scouts is the first tabletop RPG setting that I’m publishing on the Glyfi SRD! Adventure across strange and interesting lands as you use your sash full of glyph patches to help those in need!

Welcome to the Glyfi Scouts!

Congratulations!  You are now a Glyfi Scout!  

Who are the Glyfi Scouts, you may ask?

The Glyfi Scouts are an organization of glyph bearers who travel across vast and interesting lands to help those in need and make the multiverse a better place by using their magical abilities!

Glyfi Scouts tabletop game - animal glyph

Yes!  You can use magic now!

Each Glyfi Scout is entrusted with a magical sash covered in blank patches.  When a Glyfi Scout enters a new realm, these patches start to fill in with that realm’s special brand of magic!  As Glyfi Scouts complete missions, additional patches fill up, allowing Glyfi Scouts to use different magical abilities as they become more attuned to the land and those living there!

Now go!  Jump though that interdimensional portal over there and save the day!

Glyfi Scouts forged on Glyfi SRD

Glyfi Scouts tabletop game - ice glyph

Glyfi Scouts uses the Glyfi system, which utilizes print and play picture tokens (glyphs) as its game mechanic.  There’s no dice, counting, or reading (past the rules) needed to play, but the mechanics still promote strategizing as you choose which glyphs to add to your cup.  You actively modify your odds of pulling off stronger and stronger magic thoughout the game!  Glyfi Scouts is a rules lite tabletop RPG with wide accessibility and enough strategy to keep players engaged.

Glyfi Scouts tabletop RPG welcome page

Glyfi Scouts includes: 

  • The base rules system
  • The 8 core Glyfi glyphs
  • 3 new Glyfi Scout glyphs
  • Character, encounter, and challenge sheets
  • Quick reference guide
  • Power tracker guide
  • Printable glyph token sheets
  • Bonus coloring pages of all the glyphs

Keep an eye out for adventure!

As you make your own Glyfi Scout adventures, keep an eye out, too, for premade Glyfi Scout adventures (coming soon!), more glyphs, and other Glyfi SRD games!  Follow on itchio or sign up for the TTRPGkids newsletter to stay up to date on Glyfi adventures and add-ons that I’ll be publishing AND for news on game jams and other events!

Thank you, and check out here to enjoy Glyfi Scouts!

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