Featured Project: Cryptid Creeks by Hatchling Games

Stop a terrible curse with the help of chaotic nature spirits in this tabletop RPG inspired by Gravity Falls and Hilda.

*As a note, this article was written by the project’s creator since content is in pre-release/crowdfunding and is edited/approved by TTRPGkids for the site

What is Cryptid Creeks?

Cryptid Creeks is a tabletop roleplaying game in the vein of Brindlewood Bay by Jason Cordova or Powered by the Apocalypse RPGs such as Monster of the Week. In this supernatural adventure, you’ll play river scouts, a crew of young adults setting out to stop a rapidly spreading curse with the help of ancient creatures from folklore.

Creeks has many inspirations including The Goonies, Gravity Falls, Hilda, Lumberjanes and Night in the Woods, representing a genre Hatchlings Games feel is surprisingly lacking in the industry. Through their latest RPG, they hope to see themes such as friendship, discovery and community explored by gaming groups and summer campers of all ages and backgrounds.

Creeks is aimed at older teenagers and young adults, but Hatchlings are encouraging Navigators (GMs) to adapt the tone of sessions to suit the players involved. The curse at the heart of the game can be anything from lighthearted and bizarre to intense and terrifying.

Overview of Cryptid Creeks

Before play begins, the Navigator (GM) will invent a curse to inflict upon the community you call home. Your crew of scouts are the first to get wind of this spreading malevolence and the only locals to be convinced of its danger. But not all hope is lost! Folktales describe an ancient creature known as the Watcher who will come to the creek’s aid at times of greatest need. With your town in jeopardy, you must set out to uncover a legend!

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