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Featured Project: Break!! RPG

If you’re a fan of anime action and adventure, check out Break!! and jump into a world and game inspired by JRPGs!

*As a note, the intro for this was written by Steph from TTRPGkids, and the below description was written by the game’s creator

BREAK!! is a dynamic, adventure-focused, fantasy tabletop rpg with old school gameplay and an anime aesthetic.

Who is BREAK!! for?

  • Fans of anime, video games, and sentimental fantasy novels who want to explore the tropes in a game.
  • Players who are new to TRPGs and want a friendly jumping on point.
  • Players who enjoy old school-style play but want something less relentlessly grimdark.
  • Players with a preference for open adventures with a focus on teamwork and discovery.
  • Players that want a game that’s simple, but provides more depth and resources than a minimalist pamphlet game.
  • Players who like to create colorful characters without having to stress too much over complex builds or rules.
  • GMs who like to create and their own adventures, monsters, and rules hacks.
  • People who like cute, adventurous and odd animated stuff (Adventure Time, Bee and Puppycat, Owlhouse, etc)

What Makes BREAK!! unique?

  • Influenced by classic fantasy JRPGs and Anime (as well as some lesser known TRPGs)
    • Influences include, but are not limited to: Stormbringer RPG, Teenagers From Outer Space RPG, Berserk Manga, Zelda Series, Mana Series, and Eco-Ghibli.
  • Oldschool style play, but no grimdark aesthetic
    • BREAK!! employs game mechanics (wandering monsters, reaction tables, dungeon exploration procedures, etc…) that are usually associated with a grimdark aesthetic but uses a lighter visual style, with a view to making it accessible to a different audience.
  • Easy to learn
    • Despite being a thick book (470 pages!), the rules only take up a small portion of the page count. The bulk of the book is dedicated to gameable content and options.
    • The book is designed to be equally welcoming to experienced players looking to switch systems as it is to completely new players.
    • The book functions as an easy to navigate reference guide, with text broken down so it can be parsed quickly at the table.
    • Rules are summarized in diagrams to help with information retention and recall.
    • Lots of illustrations allow casual gamers to window shop for character options.
  • 10 years in the making
    • The project started life during the G+ era.
    • The passion project was originally going to be a hack of Labyrinth Lord but it  ballooned into a completely new RPG with unique rules and setting.
    • The creators intend to support the game with smaller (and quicker to release!) zine content to expand on themes and features that were cut from the main book during development.
  • Not using OGL
    • While obviously inspired by various other games, BREAK!! is not connected to the OGL or any other game license

How does BREAK!! play out?

Themes and objectives

  • The Outer World is broken. Most struggle to survive, huddling together in the ruins of the past. Will you protect or abandon them?
  • Some pockets of civilization remain, their leaders seek to shape the future.Will you help or hinder them?
  • Forgotten knowledge and lost treasures are rumored to have the power to change the status quo. Will you wield them wisely?
  • Influential heroes and villains roam the land, leaving a wake of irrevocable change behind them. Will you survive long enough to become one of them?


As an adventurer you will:

  • Journey across shattered landscapes.
  • Explore the world’s ancient ruins and wonders of the modern age.
  • Encounter and interact with Outer World’s many unusual inhabitants.
  • Negotiate or fight with monstrous or cunning adversaries.
  • Survive and endure Outer World’s many perils and challenges.
  • Craft items, magic and mechanical.
  • Create social bonds with the friends you meet along the way.
  • Attempt to rise through the adventuring ranks to become legend.
  • Experience the wonder, humor, tragedy and triumph of adventuring.

Mechanical details

The BREAK!! rules will be familiar to anyone who’s slung a d20 before.

  • Focused rules for Journeys, Exploration, Negotiation, Fights, Downtime, and Crafting.
  • BREAK!! only uses a d20.
  • Aptitudes (Ability Scores) are set by your Calling (Class), not rolled, but you can tweak them with your Traits.
  • Experience Points are awarded for Rank (Level) advancement.
  • Roll under Aptitude Checks (Skill checks & Saves) are the simple core mechanic.
  • Point-crawl overland travel system, avoids aimless exploration.
  • Zone based combat keeps things quick but tactical.
  • Attack and damage combined into one roll to speed up combat.
  • Hearts (Hit Points) reset every fight but lasting Injuries occur when your Hearts are depleted. So no need for ‘long rests’ to get back into the action.

Where can you find BREAK!! RPG?


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