Hedgehogs and Hot Air Balloons

Featured Project: Hedgehogs & Hot Air Balloons

Check out this awesome and adorable solo journaling TTRPG about cute hedgehogs, adventurous exploration, and planning for travel!

*As a note, the intro for this was written by Steph from TTRPGkids, and the below description was written by the game’s creator

Hedgehogs & Hot Air Balloons is a cozy, cute, journaling and map drawing game for one player. You play as a little hedgehog exploring the world in your hot air balloon. You will create a map as you discover new places, and journal about your adventures as you land and explore all these new places that you find. Perhaps you will make a friend who will travel with you? Or maybe you will find out what happened to the humans who once roamed the land long, long, ago… Your adventures will change with the seasons, and there is always something new to discover and explore. The game is designed to be cozy and relaxing, so although you may face some danger, you will always come out okay in the end.

Hedgehogs and Hot Air Balloons

To play you will need two standard decks of playing cards, some paper, and pens/pencils/anything you want to draw and write with. You will draw cards from one deck to determine your wind direction, distance travelled, weather, and what landscape features you fly over (your ‘Flying’ deck). If you would like to land and explore any of the places that you fly over (or if the weather forces you to land) you will draw cards from the second deck to determine what you find there (your ‘Exploring’ deck).

The game is split into seasons and days, and you will experience different things in different seasons, but make sure you find somewhere safe to hibernate before winter comes! You will also need to ensure you have sufficient fuel and heat to keep your balloon in the air. Oh and try not to accidentally pop your balloon with your spikes!

Hedgehogs around a campfire

Hedgehogs & Hot Air Balloons is generally suitable for kids aged 8 upwards (and great for grown-ups too!) who enjoy creative writing, cute animals, and an ecological preservation theme. Younger children who particularly enjoy storytelling and using their imagination may also enjoy playing the game with a little help from a grown-up for the drawing cards and writing parts. The game does include some slight elements of danger, and hints at the extinction of humans, so may not be suitable for children who are particularly sensitive or anxious.

The game will be available in both digital and printed versions, and the digital version of the game will include a copy in a dyslexia friendly format.

Currently funding on Kickstarter until 4th March 2023 you can back the project here on the Hedgehogs and Hot Air Balloons KS page!

Unlocked stretch goals on the Kickstarter campaign mean that anyone who backs for a printed copy of the game will also receive at no extra cost: a printed papercraft hot air balloon and hedgehog to cut out and make at home, a double sided printed bookmark with foil detailing, and a cute hedgehog sticker!

After the Kickstarter campaign ends, both digital and printed copies will be available to purchase at on the MagicSohicorn ko-fi.

Hedgehogs and Hot Air Balloons

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