Featured Project: Nexalis, a bright fantasy TTRPG

Nexalis is a bright fantasy tabletop RPG that encourages empathy, problem solving, and creativte thinking. Read on below to find out about the amazing setting that is Nexalis!

*As a note, the intro for this was written by Steph from TTRPGkids, and the below description was written by the project’s creator

Nexalis at a glance

  • A bright fantasy game about exploration, growth and camaraderie in the mesmerizing world of the Starbound Isles.
  • Designed by Cezar Capacle (he/him)
  • Character art by Penflower Ink, 2023. www.penflower-ink.com.
  • Island maps by Watabou. watabou.itch.io
  • Crowdfunding: From June 22nd to July 22nd, 2023
  • Release date: July 23rd, 2023 (free 60-page demo available here, full playtest edition available upon request)
  • Campaign link: https://crowdfundr.com/nexalisrpg
  • Age recommentation: 10+ or all-ages with help from other players

Nexalis: A World of Wonder and Adventure for All Ages

Nexalis, subtitled “Drifters of the Starbound Isles”, is a bright fantasy tabletop role-playing game (TTRPG) that invites players to dive into a vibrant world of exploration and growth. The game sets its stage in the mesmerizing realm of Nexalis, an otherworldly expanse where islands float amidst an infinite cosmic ocean of magical plasma known as the Nectar. This dazzling landscape serves as a unique backdrop to adventures filled with wonder, bravery, friendship, and personal discovery.

Nexalis offers a colorful and imaginative setting designed to spark the creativity of players of all ages. Its focus on themes of exploration, camaraderie, and personal growth aligns the game with values important for children and teenagers, making it an excellent choice for family game nights, school clubs, or groups of friends. As a cooperative game that encourages players to work together to solve problems and overcome challenges, Nexalis reinforces principles of teamwork and empathy.

With easy-to-understand rules that only require two six-sided dice, Nexalis provides an accessible entry point into the world of TTRPGs. This makes the game suitable even for younger players with little to no experience with role-playing games. Character creation is streamlined and fast, ensuring that even the youngest players can jump right into the action without getting lost in complex game mechanics.

What distinguishes Nexalis is its vibrant and diverse setting, where players can interact with a host of imaginative creatures and explore awe-inspiring landscapes. It combines the thrill of adventuring with the joy of storytelling, allowing players to create their unique tales of courage and camaraderie. The game offers a host of unique playbooks with customizable characteristics, offering countless possibilities for players to embody characters they truly connect with.

While Nexalis does include combat, the system is designed to be strategic and engaging without resorting to excessive violence or gore. Instead, it focuses on the bravery and resourcefulness of the characters. The consequences of combat are not solely determined by luck but also by strategic choices, making each encounter a lesson in problem-solving.

Nexalis strikes a balance between being an exciting adventure game and a tool for encouraging empathy, creativity, and strategic thinking. Given its content and gameplay style, we recommend Nexalis for players aged 10 and up. With adult guidance, even younger children can participate in the storytelling and exploration aspects of the game, making Nexalis a perfect pick for an all-ages gaming experience.

Whether you’re a teen looking for a unique and vibrant TTRPG to play with friends, a parent seeking a creative and engaging game to share with your kids, or a teacher searching for an engaging resource for your students, Nexalis offers a universe of wonder and discovery that can captivate and inspire players of all ages. Explore the Starbound Isles, form deep bonds with friends, and leave your mark on the mesmerizing world of Nexalis.

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