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Mystery Snacks – a TTRPG powered by Breathless!

Mystery Snacks is my submission to the Breathless Jam! Breathless uses a survival horror game mechanic, and I’ve converted it into an all-ages friendly mystery game for you to solve some fun capers with!

Collect clues and snacks as your group sets out to solve a fun all-ages mystery! 

Mystery Snacks has two big parts that both throw back to mystery shows and books that I loved as a kid: 

The first is a mystery game system based on Breathless (this is part of the Breathless Jam by Fari RPG) so you have a quick and easy system to play any kind of mystery you can come up with!  The system was modified from a survival horror mechanic to a kid-friendly mystery-solving mechanic where you seek out clues, run around to solve problems, and share a mystery snack to bolster your courage when needed.

The second part is a few mysteries for you to play out (on this system or any other), complete with plot, NPC’s, clues, challenges, and a big reveal at the end!  Making up mysteries on your own can be a bit difficult, so this gives you some stories to play or some inspiration to make your own for any homebrew games you want to run.   The pre-made mysteries include: 

  • Per Diem at the Museum
  • Ostriches on the Loose!
  • Dude, Where’s My Broom?

You get everything as one combo with Mystery Snacks – check it out, and have fun solving some mysteries together!

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