The Midsummer Mischief Express: A Fea Realm Train Adventure!

All aboard for some fae realm themed adventures on The Midsummer Mischief Express! It’s a wildly fun all ages, system agnostic train setting that changes every time you play!

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The Midsummer Mischief Express is…

An all-age focused fae-realmed themed premade tabletop RPG setting (with some Shakespearean shoutouts) that can be used with any system that you want!  It takes place on a magical train made of a wild variety of train cars that defy time and space!  Make your way from one car to the next to help Web prove themself to the fae queen, chat with a fairy dragon, join the summer festival, and more!

Features of The Midsummer Mischief Express:

Player questions in each train car provide players with prompts to fill in the scene how they want, making this train special to your players, helping them to get invested in each scenario, and encouraging them to think about situations before acting.

Character and item interactions may occur depending on the order that cards are drawn, changing how train cars behave when you replay the adventure.

36 unique train cars full of different NPCs, puzzles, events, encounters, and more give plenty of options for making a magical story.

Multiple ways to play are provided, allowing you to enjoy this game with the print-and-cut train cards, a six-sided die, or a deck of playing cards.

Everything you need to set up your adventure is written out in the Story Guide Table to give a solid framework for your tale but with enough flexibility to work for your chosen system and tailor to your players needs.

System agnostic plots, checks, and encounters are provided so you can use any system that you want!

A complete Story Guide Sheet gives the story guider all the secret info that they need to run each car for their players, making this a great first intro to running a tabletop RPG or a low set up game for experienced story guiders.

The Midsummer Mischief Express includes:

  • 36 unique printable train car cards:
    • 6 character cards
    • 6 event cards
    • 6 challenge/encounter cards
    • 6 trap/puzzle cards
    • 6 shop/loot cards
    • 6 rest location cards
  • A full Story Guide Table with all the secret info the story guide needs!
  • A colorable Midsummer Mischief train engine page
  • A single page game setup sheet

Keep an eye out for more adventure!

In addition to this fae realm train adventure, I’m making other premade adventures and games too (including more train card decks like The Winter Wonder Express and The Spring and Sprocket Express)!  Follow or sign up for the TTRPGkids newsletter to stay up to date on the latest adventures and game add-ons that I’ll be publishing AND for news on game jams and other events!

Thank you, and I hope you enjoy The Midsummer Mischief Express with your friends and family!

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