Featured Project: Brambletrek, a multiplayer OR solo journaling tabletop RPG for all ages!

I’ve been very excited for Brambletrek to launch and am happy to share more info with you in this featured project article! The Backerkit campaign is already fully funded and is adventuring through stretch goals – check it out here to get more details and see where to try out Brambletrek!

*As a note, this article was written by the project’s creator since content is in pre-release/crowdfunding and is edited/approved by TTRPGkids for the site

Designed to stimulate creativity and introspection, Brambletrek takes players on a narrative-driven solo adventure in the mystical world of Akeroth. This unique journaling RPG is more than just a game; it’s an engaging and therapeutic journey of storytelling, decision-making, and reflection.

With Brambletrek, players step into the role of a Gnawborn, a unique creature born to explore and survive in a diverse, ever-evolving world. There are four Legacies, our take on Classes, to choose from – the intuitive Seer, the robust Scrapper, the curious Seeker, or the imaginative Storyteller. Each Legacy offers unique strengths and defining weaknesses, setting the tone for the storytelling experience.

The game’s framework is simple yet robust, with a deck of playing cards serving as the guide for the narrative, offering random prompts and challenges. This makes each playthrough a unique experience, as players navigate through untamed forests, ancient ruins, and face monstrous threats lurking in the shadows.

Find Brambletrek here on Backerkit to suppor this project!

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