Review revisit: Little But Fierce (D&D 5e for kids + 2 years of expansions)

Today’s review is a revisit of Little But Fierce! Since it released, Little But Fierce has had four new expansions come out that have really changed the game and give some new options for play! I’m excited to take another look at this awesome game, and congrats to LBF on the 2 year anniversary!

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Summary of Little But Fierce‘s core game book

I previously reviewed the core rules from Little But Fierce here if you’d like details, but, for this article, I’d still like to give a summary so you have all the info you need about the whole Little But Fierce bundle in one place!

After this summary, I’ll get into how the expansions add to and change

Age rec: Little But Fierce is recommended for ages 6+ and has adjustable content to fit the story needs and explanations for young players. It requires the use of d20 system math and reading/understanding for spells, which can be tackled with aid from a grown-up, if needed.

Setting: This is generally set in a classic TTRPG medieval fantasy realm, like what you’d find in 5e, though it can be outfitted to other settings as you wish with some homebrew flair (also like with 5e).

Your character: A medieval fantasy character chosen from the available kin and tracked on an accessible, picture aided and parsed down character sheet based on 5e stats. The core ruleset also has four character class options to choose from (druid, fighter, mage, and thief) that come with leveling up help.

Mechanics: Little But Fierce rules are re-written from the D&D 5e ruleset and made to be more accessible to young players in both mechanics and overall content

Little But Fierce: Blunderlings expansion

This latest expansion of Little But Fierce is Blunderlings, a ruleset expansion and premade adventure that is GREAT for anyone who likes the minions from Despicable Me!

This expansion adds 30 pages of content, including several new kin that you can play as, of which, kiddo’s favorite was the Skelly, a gooey blob that uses bones (and we also agreed maybe machine parts?) that it finds throughout the dungeons! The added kin include gremlins, ratfolk, imps, and more that you would kind of think of when you imagine a scraggly little minion dude.

It also adds new spells and talents (like “annoy” and “healing hug”) AND adds the scout/ranger class (so we’re up to five class options now… more to come in the other expansion explanations)!

The pre-made adventure was also amazing – it sends players on a quest to retrieve a treasure from the hoard they keep deep in the dungeon. It’s got great NPC breakdowns, a clear step-by-step GM walkthrough, and a funny ending (this treasure may be a sentimental gift from your boss’s mom).

Little But Fierce: Mara expansion

The Mara expansion of Little But Fierce is based on the Mara webcomic; the team up between these two creators for this is just awesome. I love seeing community collaborations, and the combo of the comic and Little But Fierce was just too perfect.

This particular expansion is 17 pages of new kin, spells, abilities, and more that also feature artwork from the series. Amongst the new material is the barbarian class (it’s up to six class options), and it even includes a pre-filled character sheet so you can play as Mara!

I think this one works really well to both play as a group or to do a 1:1 game (one kid and one grown-up GM) where the player is Mara going on an adventure that parallels the story in the series.

Two Little But Fierce mini-expansions

There are also two mini-expansions that each add 1-3 pages of content to add a little extra fun flair to the game.

The first is Must Give Us Paws, which adds in catfolk and dogfolk – both of these, but particularly the catfolk, were another of kiddo’s favorite add-ons. He had a hard time picking between a catfolk and a skelly!

The second is Familiar Foes, which brings in creature stats for the analogs to three very common and famous D&D 5e foes. With this expansion, you get stats for the Dream Stealer (similar to a mindflayer), an Eye Fiend (similar to a Beholder), and Shadowcat (similar to a Displacer Beast). These three creatures are all adjusted to be a little bit less intense in their descriptions and artwork than they are in the D&D books and lore, so they’re a bit easier for some kids to handle, and the stats are aligned with the Little But Fierce format for easy tracking.

Overall thoughts on the Little But Fierce core book and expansions

I have been a big fan of Little But Fierce since it came out because it took a familiar game and showed a way to adjust it for younger players while still keeping the vibe, which can be REALLY important when connecting between generations of players! The creator took much care in creating the core book through the shear volume of reimagining required, making sure it was playtested, and getting lots of general community feedback.

Now, I am so excited to see it continuing to grow. Adding more classes over time to make sure they’re tested, including new material that fit themes that kids can connect with, and branching into pre-made adventure writing are all wonderful directions for the Little But Fierce series, and I’m glad to have done this revisit!

Find a copy of Little But Fierce

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