M the Mediator Mouse

StoryGuider: The Mediator Mouse Trilogy

These StoryGuider games are from the Mediator Mouse trilogy! These games concentrate on learning about playing nicely with others, making friends, and settling disputes!

These games are designed for ages 2-5 and follow the story of M, the Investigative Mediator. M is a on the case whenever there is a dispute amongst friends or neighbors and will help discover solutions that help everyone get along!

All StoryGuider games focus on the following core set of skills:

  • Make choices between two options
  • Point to pictures when they are named and/or naming pictures
  • Give short answers (1-4 words)
  • Play simple make-believe games
  • Practice simple exercises
  • Practice gross motor skills (jumping, stomping, etc)
  • Practice fine motor skills (coloring, cutting, etc)

In addition, each game also focuses on at least 2 additional unique skills per game (details in below descriptions).

StoryGuider: Like Cats and Dogs

StoryGuider: Cats and Dogs

StoryGuider: Like Cats and Dogs is the first in the Mediator Mouse trilogy!  Meet M the investigative mediator, a mouse with a taste for fairness who will stop at nothing to help find solutions for their friends.  Help M settle a dispute between Patch and Mitty as they learn to play together, share, and make up after an argument!

This story focuses on practicing the following skills:

  • Practice playing with someone else
  • Noticing differences and similarities between friends

Like Cats and Dogs can be found here on itch.io!

StoryGuider: The Fish and the Frog

StoryGuider: The Fish and the Frog

StoryGuider: The Fish and the Frog is the second installment in the Mediator Mouse trilogy! M the investigative mediator, helps animals around town settle disputes, even during lunch break… Help discover a solution to Fish and Frog’s problem and save Frog from a terrible storm!

This story focuses on practicing the following skills:

  • Playing fair versus always getting YOUR way
  • Sharing kindness/learning how kindness feels
  • Depending on others

The Fish and the Frog can be found here on itch.io!

StoryGuider: Band Buddies!

Band Buddies

StoryGuider: Sandy’s Hearts and Crafts! is a premade holiday special about Sandy the Dragon and how they are getting ready for a special pancake party the next day!  Sandy just can’t seem to wait!  Help get ideas on how to pass the time for special events while also finding ways to show that you care about friends.

This story focuses on practicing the following skills:

  • Learn to wait by doing making something, counting, etc
  • Say thank you to those who help you

Band Buddies can be found here on itch.io!

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