wall to wall adventures: the grand wizard summit

Wall-to-Wall Adventures: The Grand Wizard Summit

Enjoy your own in-game convention as you attend IRL gaming conventions with this fun and meta set of prompts based on TTRPG gatherings!

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Join the Great Wizard Summit!

preview page for the wizard tower

Every year, wizards from around the world gather at The Grand Wizard Summit to honor The First Wizard. At this grand gathering, they swap stories, share new skills, and celebrate the bonds of wizard-hood.

Because this is a meeting of wizards, though, it is far from any normal gathering. In every room and around every corner, there is something exciting and magical waiting to be discovered, making this celebration of adventures and stories a tale unto itself. Journey forth and see what you will discover amongst the grounds of The Grand Wizard Summit.

The Grand Wizard Summit is:

This game is a set of adventure prompts that creates a story themed after tabletop RPG and gaming conventions to give a nice meta twist to games that you may try out at a con.  The prompts are system agnostic, so you can use these with any system, and kid-friendly prompts are provided and marked with an asterisk so you easily adjust the adventure for different players.

Wall-to-Wall Adventures in collaboration with TI’TAINS:

This adventure set is made in collaboration with TI’TAINS as part of what will hopefully be a series called Wall-to-Wall Adventures.  Check out the TI’TAINS etsy to get downloads of maps that you can use with TI’TAINS card holders to make walls, terrain, and game pieces to go with this adventure.  TI’TAINS add a ton to the game experience, and I highly recommend trying them out (review here with more info).

preview image of wall-to-wall adventure maps by TI'TAINS

Thank you, and I hope to see you at the next convention!

Thank you for checking this game out, and I hope see you at conventions and maybe can catch you for a game of the The Grand Wizard Summit! You can use the buttons below or click on the links here to get the adventure on itch.io or ko-fi and can check out here to get the maps on etsy!

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