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Review of Brave Bunnies, a cute dice-filled game for all ages

Brave Bunnies is a tabletop RPG designed for all ages, some fun bunny-themed shenanigans, and LOTS of dice!

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Brave Bunnies is an all ages tabletop RPG (counting required)

Brave Bunnies is an all ages game, but it does require quite a bit of counting since it uses up to 12 six-sided dice.  Your child should either be able to count or you can help them.

I ran it with my 2.5 year old, and he was OK with some of the counting, but not really willing to count all 12 dice. I just helped him separate the dice into “pass” and “not pass” piles, and it worked out fine.

That being said, the rest is a story system that is left up to you and your child to determine, so you can set a pretty kid-friendly adventure about some brave bunnies.

Brave Bunnies‘ adjustable setting: 

Brave Bunnies is set up to be a pretty versatile system for any kind of bunny-themed adventure.  It lays out the mechanics and provides some example prompts for you to use, but you make the story up on  your own; the setting can be anything you want (as long as there are bunnies).

It is focused on non-combat, so everything is story-telling or skill check based versus being a combat styled setting.

When I ran, we did a few adventures following the example prompts, which focus on mostly pastoral settings, and then made up one about the bunnies digging too far underground and falling into a dragon cave!  The dragon was friendly but hoarded a lot of toys that he needed to give back to the town.  So, really, you can go anywhere with this system.

Your brave bunny character:  

Your character is… a bunny!  You get to name them and fill in some information about them, then you can pick your stats.

To fill in your stats, you roll on a d4 – d10 system for each trait: speed, stealth, springs, and smarts, which determines how many d6’s you can roll whenever you use that skill for a challenge.  If you get lucky and roll a d10 when determining your traits, you can roll 10d6 every time you use that skill!

You also get to add two bonus d6 to a skill that you get to pick.  So, if you want to boost your smarts, you can add two extra d6 to smarts regardless of what you rolled in the d4 – d10 system.

And that’s your character!  Four stats, each with their own dice pool for skill checks, and you are ready to go!

Brave Bunny’s game mechanics:

Dice pools in Brave Bunnies

Brave Bunnies uses a d6 dice pool mechanic for all of its roles, which means you roll six sided dice equal to the value in your skill to determine an outcome.  

So, if you have 8d6 in smarts, when you try to outsmart someone or come up with an idea, you roll eight six-sided dice.  Out of those, you see which ones pass your skill check set by the Boss Bunny (or DM) and total them up.  For example, you may need to roll four dice with a three or higher to succeed the check.

The Boss Bunny: 

The Boss Bunny (BB) is like the dungeon master (DM) in dungeons and dragons.  They help guide the story, set skill check difficulty, and help the younger players with counting dice.  So, you will need an adult or an older kid with some storytelling experience to help run the game.

Gaining skills points in Brave Bunnies

There is a little bit of a leveling up system, which can come in very handy if you rolled low on your initial stats.  If you find a bunny treat (this is something the BB would put in the game), you can increase a stat.  

You can also increase a stat if ALL of the dice that you rolled for a check are successes.  So, if you only have 1d6 in your speed dice pool, if you roll a success, you get to bump that dice pool up to 2d6 to help with future rolls.

What did my kid think about Brave Bunnies?

My kid LOVED rolling big handfuls of dice even if he didn’t always want to count them, and he really enjoyed playing storytime.  As soon as we finished, he wanted to play again. 

For the mechanics, it was a little much for him to take in (I had to guide most of the dice rolls and leveling), but he’s also only 2.5 years old.  I think kids who are more familiar with counting or practicing math should have no problem understanding the mechanics on their own.  I will also say that counting, even if he only did the first few rolls, can be a good exercise for young kids who are still getting used to practicing counting or math.  I actually used this to replace our counting/math time for the day. 

Overall thoughts on the Brave Bunnies tabletop RPG:

This was a very fun system that let us have a cool dice-rolling storytime together!  The mechanics are easy to understand and manageable with a young kid. It was also very cute hearing my toddler talk about his bunny during and after the adventure. 

Where to find a copy of Brave Bunnies:

brave bunnies tabletop RPG  for all ages - cover page

You can pick up a copy of Brave Bunnies at: DriveThruRPG

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