Games made by TTRPGkids: StoryGuider

This list shows all the StoryGuider games and supplements! StoryGuider is made by TTRPGkids for ages 2+ and focuses on practicing skills, milestones, and emotional regulation exercises appropriate for toddlers.

As of September 2021, the StoryGuider series is also aligned with a preschool curriculum! We are focusing on skills that the kids are working on in class each week, and you can use this for your classrooms or at home to help your child progress through different sets of developmental milestones.

Check out these premade StoryGuider adventures aligned with the cirriculum:

I hope you enjoy these games and this gives you some new options for playing with your family, classroom, etc.

I will add new games as they are released, but to get notified when they are available, please either follow the TTRPGkids page or sign up for the monthly TTRPGkids email newsletter via the subscribe page!

For the base StoryGuider game details, please see below!

Logo for StoryGuider: A TTRPG to play with toddlers!

StoryGuider is a system to help make simple stories with your kid(s) so they can get used to tabletop role-playing games (TTRPGs), decision-making, problem-solving, etc.

It focuses only on the RP side of TTRPGs (there are no dice or rule mechanics).  This is so kids can get used to playing as a character and changing the story without having to simultaneously worry about learning mechanics that they are not familiar with.  It is a stepping stone into playing more rules-based TTRPGs.

All StoryGuider games focus on the following core set of skills:

  • Make choices between two options
  • Point to pictures when they are named and/or naming pictures
  • Give short answers (1-4 words)
  • Play simple make-believe games
  • Practice simple exercises
  • Practice gross motor skills (jumping, stomping, etc)
  • Practice fine motor skills (coloring, cutting, etc)

The base StoryGuider files (free) with a sample adventure can be found here on

3 thoughts on “Games made by TTRPGkids: StoryGuider

  1. I bought StoryGuider today and tried it with my 4yo and my 2yo. I will say that there are definitely more challenges with two high energy kids. But they absolutely loved making the choices and they liked the experience. Sometimes they didn’t agree on choices so I tried to negotiate and see if one would support the other. If that didn’t work, I would let them alternate who gets to pick. They got really distracted but there are a lot of sensory cues in the story outside of the main five conflicts that I could ask them about. When the magician got a big piece of cake I asked them to show me with their hands how big a big piece of cake is. There are definitely a lot of parent skills I have to flex, so I think it is equally pleasing for parents as for kids.

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