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Featured Project, Color My Quest: Dungeon Run Adventures!

Check out Dungeon Run Adventures for some quick GMless adventures that are great for groups with kids! Each dungeon has it’s own unique spin, and everyone gets to play, color, and explore!

*As a note, the intro for this was written by Steph from TTRPGkids, and the below description was written by the game’s creator

You can now find this game here on Amazon.

If you’ve played Color My Quest, the Color & Cut Fantasy Roleplaying Game, then you know how much fun it can be to create & color your own awesome heroes and go on amazing adventures with your friends and family. Color My Quest is available now in both digital and physical formats. There are seven books in the series, including the RPG, three adventure books, and three activity books.

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Now Dice Up Games has created a NEW way to play with Color My Quest: Dungeon Run Adventures! In this expansion to the Color My Quest RPG, EVERYONE gets to be a Hero! This gives players a “GMless” adventure where the heroes are trying to move through a dungeon map to reach the top! Together your heroes will delve through the various Dungeon Run Adventure maps with several modes of play:

  • Team Mode (Cooperative play!)
  • Race Mode (First to the top wins!)
  • More! (More game modes may be unlocked!)

A hybrid board game and roleplaying game, each Dungeon Run Adventure includes a 2 page color and cut map that creates a larger playmat (just like a board game!) There are pages with hero “Standees” that you can cut out and fold to place on the map. Your Hero Sheet stays in front of you, along with your abilities and helpful companion!

With familiar board game roll-and-move rules, the heroes will run through the map. When they encounter an obstacle, they’ll use the Color My Quest action rules to see what happens. Some obstacles allow you to move faster while others can set you back! Action roll’s determine the outcome and players narrate what it looked like in the story! When someone reaches a space with a baddie they must stop and face it. Should they overcome it, the baddie is removed, but if they do not, they’ll get pushed backwards. If they reach the treasure chest, everyone gets a reward!

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For the Color My Quest: Dungeon Run Adventures Kickstarter, there will be over a dozen maps, including a Kickstarter Exclusive map that will not be available for sale after the Kickstarter. There will also be some super talented stretch goal writers to create amazing adventure prompts for the maps! You can back the campaign to receive digital (print and play) or physical books, but there will be a limited number of physical books so be sure to back early to secure your books! 

Color My Quest, and the upcoming Dungeon Run Adventures, are an accessible and affordable way to introduce new and younger players to roleplaying games. Created by parents for parents, caretakers, teachers, librarians, therapists, or anyone who takes the time to inspire imagination and storytelling with children.

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Find the Dungeon Run Adventures Kickstarter here, watch the teaser here, and happy questing!

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