Featured Project: Yeld! 2nd Edition going to Kickstarter Jan 12!

Check out YELD! 2nd Edition, now going to Kickstarter for a youth-friendly TTRPG full of adventure, magic, amazing creatures, and a mission of the utmost importance!

*As a note, the intro is written by Steph from TTRPGkids, and the article was written by the project’s creator since content is in pre-release/crowdfundinand is edited/approved by TTRPGkids for the site

Gather your best friends, your dog and all of your courage- it’s time to go to Yeld!

The Magical Land of Yeld: 2nd Edition is a kid and young adult friendly tabletop role playing game full of fun and adventure. Play as child characters called Friends, who discover a secret door to a magical land— the Kingdom of Yeld. Explore strange places, collect awesome treasures, and become great heroes by choosing Jobs like Witch, Shepherd, and Oathbreaker.

But be careful- sooner or later the door leading home will lock, and to unlock it you’ll need to face the 7 legendary Hunters of Yeld and collect their magical keys. And the clock is ticking- if Friends can’t escape Yeld before they turn 13, they’ll become a monster, and be trapped in the magical land forever.

Create a party of Friends and set out on a quest to save the Kingdom and find your way home with game play focused on tactical combat, exploration and travel, teamwork, and shared story telling.

The Magical Land of Yeld: 2nd Edition is a complete original RPG system that polishes Yeld’s easy to learn rules. It’s fully compatible with all previous expansions and guides, while offering exciting new options, quality of life improvements and a whole bunch of new lore and art about the mysterious land of Yeld and the Mermaids, Fairies, Vampires, and other creatures that call Yeld home.

If you’re looking for an easy to learn TTRPG system for children as young as 8, then look no further! The Magical Land of Yeld rulebook uses several kid friendly methods to help explain our various mechanics and systems. Adults will like it too! We believe visual aids are a great way to help players of any age learn and retain both the fundamentals and more nuanced rules The Magical Land of Yeld has to offer. Each chapter of our book includes informational comics alongside our text that explain, step by step, the various game mechanics the players will be using most often. In addition, each chapter ends with a summary page that will recap everything covered in that chapter, providing players with a smooth learning experience that’s a blast to read from start to finish. 

The Kickstarter for the Magical Land of Yeld 2nd edition starts on January 12th and ships summer 2024! In the meantime, you can download a PDF of the Magical Land of Yeld 1st Edition right now absolutely free from our website, yeldstuff.com!

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