Featured Project: Moon Curser Press 3-in-1 holiday adventures!

Having featured Stargems by Moon Curser Press before, I’m happy to see their next kid-friendly TTRPG project coming out! Get lined up for keeping young ones entertained for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas by picking up this combo bundle today!

*As a note, the intro for this was written by Steph from TTRPGkids, and the below description was written by the project’s creator

Attention young adventurers and imaginative minds! Step into a world of wonder and excitement as we present our special 3-in-1 bundle of kid-friendly tabletop role-playing game (TTRPG) adventures, inspired by the enchantment of Halloween, the warmth of Thanksgiving, and the joy of Christmas.

Moon Curser Press is coming out with a new addition to their kid-friendly TTRPG adventures that are designed for kids aged anywhere from 4 to 104! Using the same system as Stargems, these adventures are ready to use and hold different types of encounters, puzzles, challenges, and more. All you need is two six-sided dice and some paper to create your characters, and you’re ready to go!

This 3-in-1 bundle features holiday-inspired adventures that are perfect for fall and winter breaks from school. Spin tales of excitement and wonder this holiday season as you explore these new adventures! 

🎃 Haunted Hallways: Step into a world of spine-tingling suspense and ghoulish fun where players find themselves trapped in a school while taking on powers based on their Halloween costumes! In this thrilling adventure, young players will explore haunted corridors, encounter mischievous monsters, and unravel mysteries that will give them delightful chills. 

🦃 The Case of the Vanishing Feast: Help us weave a heartwarming story of gratitude and friendship as our adventurers become furry friends of the forest on the hunt for the perfect feast! Young adventurers will embark on a quest filled with enchanted forests, talking animals, and magical feasts. Through teamwork and adventure, they will discover the true spirit of Thanksgiving. 

🎄 ‘Tis the Season to Save Christmas!: Join us as we navigate a twisted holiday tale where the jolly old elf himself has been turned into a zombie! Armed with their wits, creativity, and the spirit of giving, the young group of Santa’s helpers will explore the enchanted workshop, solve riddles, and collect the components needed to return Santa to normal.

Be sure to head over to kicksarter and get your copies reserved today! Both print and digital formats are offered as well a special tier for having a custom adventure made for you. 

To stay up to date with Moon Curser Press, check out our site and social media pages.

I've featured Stargems by Moon Curser before, and I'm glad to see this fun combo pack of adventures for kids from them now!  Get covered for entertaining young ones during Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas by joining in this project!

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