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Embark on a new spin on solo-journaling TTRPGs with the latest TTRPGkids project on Backerkit!

TTRPGkids is a Crit Awards Finalist! Visit the Crit Awards here to vote!

Find the nominated article (Using TTRPGs to Teach Science and Engineering) here, and check out the rest of the site to see how TTRPGkids is helping provide free resources for families and facilitators while sharing the work of other creators.

Welcome to TTRPGkids!

Tabletop role-playing games (TTRPGs) have many benefits to children (learning social and leadership skills, practicing math, gaining confidence in a safe place, making friends, family bonding… just to name a few) in addition to them just being fun.

My goal is to help you find the resources and tools that you need, all in one place, to make you tabletop RPGs accessible, fun, and educational for your particular kid or class.

This site covers everything from indie tabletop RPGs to D&D recommendations, tips and tricks, podcasts, reviews, creator interviews, crafts, and more so you can jump in and have fun playing these awesome games with your kids or make a wonderful game to share with the world!


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