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Table top role playing games (TTRPG’s) have many benefits to children (learning social and leadership skills, practicing math, gaining confidence in a safe place, making friends, etc) in addition to them being a fun activity.

My goal is to help you find TTRPG’s that are appropriate for the children in your life and give you the tools needed to make them accessible, fun, and educational!


Tips and Tricks to adjust TTRPG mechanics (including D&D) for kids!

There are a ton of great TTRPG’s out there designed for kids at all different age levels!  However, sometimes, you want to introduce your kids to YOUR game – you want to bring them to the table with your friends or try them out with the full game rules that you know.  Maybe you grab a kid’s game that works for your older kids… and then your young one also wants to join. If your child isn’t at the reading and math level for the game, this can be a problem… unless you know how to adjust.  There are lots of small changes you can implement to make any TTRPG mechanic a little more approachable for kids and a little easier for you to manage while you all play.  These are tips and tricks from all the games I’ve playtested or reviewed with my kid, and I hope this helps with yours!
Fairies of the Mistglade kids TTRPG

Interview: Creator of the Family Fantasy RPG’s, Colin

I have played, reviewed, and really enjoyed Colin’s Family Fantasy RPG’s before, but now I had the opportunity to sit down and have a chat! We talked about Colin’s experiences playing with his kid, how he started writing kid’s games, what he loves about the FamFantasy games, and what’s coming next!
TTRPGkids holiday gift guide!

Where to find: TTRPG and D&D holiday gift ideas (2021)!

Especially as the holiday season approaches, we want to get some cool gifts for everyone in our TTRPG groups, welcome our new adventurers, and have some fun ourselves.  I made this gift guide to help with all of these and to help boost community creators and small businesses. 

I hope this guide helps you find the perfect gift for your kids, players, DM, and everyone in between, and that you have an awesome holiday!

DnD Adventure Club logo

Kid’s TTRPG review: DnD Adventure Club

When I first heard of the DnD Adventure Club, I was excited to check it out!  It is a monthly DnD adventure subscription with ready-made stories that are appropriate for and geared at kids ages 8-12, which I am all for!  I loved reviewing their material and think this would be great for both kids and for adult players who are new to DnD and a little intimidated by the scope of all the classic books!
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