What is this site?

TTRPGkids is intended to help parents, caregivers, teachers, etc. find resources to facilitate quality table top role playing games (TTRPG’s) for kids!

This site will have game reviews, game lists sorted by age, interviews with creators, interviews with parents, advice features, etc. to help you find a good way to introduce TTRPG’s to your kids with the right game.

A lot of my focus is on younger kids (ages 2-13) but I will include tips and game reviews for teens as well.

What are TTRPG’s?

TTRPG’s are a little different from your typical board game because you play as a character other than yourself. When you play checkers, you play the game as yourself. In a TTRPG, you maybe play the game as Adirus the elven cleric. So, instead of you are having a discussion or solving a puzzle in-game, you pretend that Adirus is the one talking.

The most well-known example of a TTRPG is Dungeons and Dragons, however, there are so many other titles to explore. There are games set in space, games where you play as cats or dinosaurs…. and games that are specifically designed for kids or teens.

Why play TTRPG’s with kids?

There are so many benefits to playing TTRPG’s, ranging from having a safe space to develop confidence, practice problem-solving, and be creative to just having fun and making friends.

I was inspired to start this after playing TTRPG’s with my 2.5 yo and saw how much he was learning from and enjoying playing. It has been a great bonding experience for us, and I want to help others share that experience as well.

I hope this gives a good guide and some confidence in introducing TTRPG’s to the kids in your life!

Thank you,

Steph C (TTRPGkids)