Thank you TTRPGkids sponsors!

Thank you TTRPGkids sponsors!

TTRPGkids sponsors help to keep the site running while staying ad free and facilitate other projects like attending conventions! Thank you sponsors for your support!

DnD Adventure Club

DnD Adventure Club logo

DnD Adventure Club features DnD compatible adventures built for kids, in your mailbox every month! It is the perfect subscription for beginning gamers and for running with young players. Check out some of the TTRPGkids reviews on their work here and here, and you can find them on the DnD Adventure Club website and on instagram and facebook!

Dice Up Games

dice up games logo

Dice Up Games is a tabletop game publisher dedicated to creating games, books and more, that inspire imagination through collaborative storytelling. They’ve released several kid-focused and all-ages titles from games like Color My Quest, Dungeon Run Adventures, and Adorablins to books like Familiar Finders! You can find Dice Up Games on twitter and their site!

Jaclyn Lewis

Jaclyn Lewis

Jaclyn Lewis is a writer, game master, and youth worker. She’s the Social-Media Manager at Tabletop Gaymers, Fulfillment Director at Rem Alternis Productions, writer of Rolling with the Youth, and founder & GM of two youth TTRPG programs in Kalamazoo. She enjoys crafting words, gifts, and community, and can be found on the internet and at conventions of all sorts in the Midwest and beyond.

Family Fantasy RPG

Our aim is to introduce tabletop role-playing games (TTRPGs) to children in an exciting and engaging way in order to promote problem solving, imagination, and creativity. Our games are age-tiered for children 3 and up, and is loosely based on the 5e rules used in the most popular TTRPG systems. Also, check out the TTRPGkids reviews of some of the Family Fantasy RPG games, Fairies of the Mistglade and Dino Riderz (they are a lot of fun)!

DC Bradshaw

DC Bradshaw supporter

DC Bradshaw has written Little but Fierce, Shrewmanji, and much more! He is a staunch supporter of others in the TTRPG community and has collaborated on other projects, like the Little but Fierce expansion for Mara. Thank you for helping keep the site going! You can find DC Bradshaw on twitter or through his projects (linked above)!

Michael Low

michael low headshot

Michael is a teacher, parent, story-teller, and game designer who focuses on teaching through non-violent gaming in his classes on Luck of Legends. He wrote Stories RPG and Starsworn along with several other amazing games, helped create the Stories Podcast show, Gigacity Guardians, and has been an awesome friend to TTRPGkids! You can find Michael on twitter or Luck of Legends!

Hatchling Games

Hatchling Games logo

Hatchlings Games is a family-friendly publisher best known for creating INSPIRISLES, the first tabletop RPG to teach sign language! Hatchling Games is also working on a number of other family-friendly projects, like Cryptid Creeks, and has been a great friend to TTRPGkids since this site started!

To find out how to become a TTRPGkids sponsor yourself, check out the TTRPGkids ko-fi here!

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