Featured Project: Sprinkles is Missing!

Sprinkles, the magical school’s mascot, is nowhere to be found!! It’s up to you to figure out where he’s gone in this TTRPG adventure for kids!

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Sprinkles is Missing! is a kid-focused tabletop role-playing game by M. Allen Hall.

You are students at a magical elementary school on the edge of an enchanted forest. Your school’s mascot, a unicorn named Sprinkles, has gone missing. There is only one place that he might be, and there is only one person that would be mean enough to kidnap Sprinkles.

You rally your friends together, grab whatever you can that might help you on your mission, and head into The Forest.

Deep in The Forest lives a mean, old wizard, Grumpster the Gray. No one else would dare harm Sprinkles.

The Basics

  • 2-6 Players (1 GM, the Principal, and 1-5 players, the Students)
  • 1-2 Hours (also an option for longer, multi-session games)
  • Ages 5+ for the Students, usually an adult as the Principal
  • Physical format: A5 paperback book, 64 pages

Mechanics for Sprinkles is Missing

The game is a procedurally generated point crawl. It will include procedures and tables for dynamically creating the map of The Forest, where each point will represent a Scene from a table of Scenes.

To speed up the pre-game setup, the characters do not have ability scores, skills, or hit points (there are no numbers on the character sheets at all!). Each player picks their character’s favorite class (in school) and gets to choose or create spells that fit the theme of that class. (i.e. Jack wants his character to be a Gym Class Wizard, and his first spell allows him to throw things with perfect accuracy).

The game is story-forward, and the GM recommendations stress allowing creative thinking to trump dice rolls. A simple, d6-dice-pool mechanic is provided for when a roll of the dice is required to decide the outcome of an action.

About the Author of Sprinkles is Missing

M. Allen Hall is an author and TTRPG enthusiast. His series The Voidbringer Campaign is a family-friendly epic fantasy written within the framework of a game of Dungeons and Dragons. More recently, he has been writing and publishing small TTRPGs and TTRPG supplements.

Contact: m.allen.hall.author@gmail.com

Twitter and Instagram: @M_Allen_Hall

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