TTRPGkids Featured Projects – Banda’s Grove: The Quantum Convergence of Campgrounds

Banda’s Grove is a community building camp adventure that encourages creativity, cooperation, and exploration! Please, check it out for an awesome journey with your kids, your family, and your friends.

Banda’s Grove: The Quantum Convergence of Campgrounds  by Pandion Games is a cozy, slice of life RPG with hex map mechanics for 1 to 6 players, plus a facilitator we call the Grove Ranger who acts as a character themselves. Games can be played as short ‘week-long’ sessions in 45-90 minutes, or longer more traditional games in 3-4 hours with multiple weeks, events, and story beats.

Banda’s Grove, at its core, is a community building game that asks players to create a unique, wondrous, patchwork collection of campgrounds from across the universe at their table that converge together in a mysterious quantum realm. It asks them to imagine, befriend and help the peoples, creatures and spirits that live there and care for the Grove itself. Each instance of Banda’s Grove will be unique to the players who sit around the table.

Every week, a Quantum Event occurs, which is a mini-adventure either chosen from ones we provide or that you created. These might be helping quantum camper teenagers who got lost in the Quantum Woods, or figuring out why a lake spirit is upset and causing quantum instabilities around the Grove!

With building new facilities, planning and attending festivals, expanding the Grove, discovering new and wonderful creatures, earning badges, solving mysteries, and crafting fun new items, there’s always something to do and always new stories to uncover!

Welcome to Banda’s Grove, the Quantum Convergence of Campgrounds. Orientations are after lunch. Make sure to stop by the community campfire this evening to meet all your neighbors and get your fill of s’mores!

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