Tiny Tome, Tiny TTRPG Review: Omotenashi

Omotenashi is a cozy storytelling prompt game all about hospitality and helping others feel welcome.  In this animal-populated world, take on the roles of staff members as a getaway for a variety of guests, all with different needs, and figure out how to help them relax and find inspiration in their lives.

Omotenashi was reviewed as part of the Tiny Tome collection!  Check out the Tiny Tome page here for others in the collection and more info on the anthology.

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Age target: All Ages 

Omotenashi is a storytelling prompt game in a cozy all-ages friendly setting.  You determine the setting, the staff, and the guests from drawing from a deck of standard playing cards, so as long as your players can match the cards to the charts and answer the questions for each role, anyone can play! 

Mechanics in Omotenashi

Drawing cards for your setting and characters

I really liked that this system was diceless but still had a randomized mechanic built in with the deck of cards!  You draw cards to determine who your characters will be, what type of accommodations you are working in, and what your guests are visiting for!  It makes for a different scenario each time played, and it was something my kid could help participate in with matching the cards to the randomization charts.

Helping your guests

Once the scene is set, Omotenashi provides prompts asking how you are helping your guests.  You get to determine what type of food each guest would probably want and how to make accommodations for that, or, maybe, you have a guest who wants a luxurious stay – how do you prepare?  In our game, one of our guests was visiting in order to refind their inspiration in life, so we arranged for guided tours through the region’s beautiful forest trails.  This provided some very fun creative prompts that kiddo had a lot of fun being able to answer and fully participate in.

Overall thoughts on Omotenashi

Links to Omotenashi!

You can find a copy of the game on!

You can also find Omotenashi in the Tiny Tome anthology with 49 other awesome 1-page games.

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