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Bakers, Charge! A Baking Competition tabletop RPG

Bakers, Charge! is a baking competition themed TTRPG that I made as part of the Charge Jam on! It is an all-ages friendly game that encourages creativity and helping your fellow competitors as you play!

**Physical copies are available through Catastrophe Games and Indie Press Revolution**

*If you have purchased a physical copy and want to download addition printable character sheets, you can get them through the page here*

If you’ve ever wished you could compete in one of those awesome baking shows or you just love watching them but want to fix all their mistakes (ah! they need to prove that bread longer!) – now is your chance!

In Bakers, Charge! play with your friends and family as contestants in a baking competition!  Show off your prowess in each round of the competition as you design interesting breads, pastries, and cakes while handling twists ranging from needing to feed a huge crowd to working around banned ingredients.  Just make sure you’ve got all your elements finished before the tart timer runs out of slices!

Bakers, Charge! uses the Charge System by Fari RPG to let you gain momentum through your successes (just like how there always seems to be that one person in the competition that gets on a roll) or by helping your fellow competitors when you have a little time and energy to spare.  Figure out the best strategy in when and how to use your advantages, when to take your time, and when to push hard using that banked up momentum!

Bakers charge TTRPG character sheet

Also, check out the coloring pages file!  I’ve included a file with coloring sheets of all the art for the game for you to doodle on during the game, use as a base for your creations, or just for fun!

Bakers Charge TTRPG coloring page - focaccia bread

With all that, I now invite you to get your baking terms, your flavor combos, and your creativity ready and set because it’s time to CHARGE into those bakes!

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For digital copies:

Find Bakers, Charge! on the TTRPGkids page or purchase a copy through the itchio widget below and have fun!

**Physical copies are available through Catastrophe Games and Indie Press Revolution**

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