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Featured Project: Monster Adoption Center!

With a focus on patience, empathy, communication, and knowledge as your stats design your center and get to know your creatures in Monster Adoption Center!

*As a note, the intro for this was written by Steph from TTRPGkids, and the below description was written by the game’s creator

Monster Adoption Center is a GMless role playing game centered around making connections that can be played in small groups of 2-3 players, or as a solo TTRPG. Explore the tendencies of young and old monsters alike. This game is meant to be light-hearted, cozy, and open-ended — the fun stops when you decide!

monster adoption center - sleepy dragon

The rules for Monster Adoption Center are beginner friendly, and the game on average runs 1-1.5 hours, solely depending on when you want to stop.

Monster Adoption Center doesn’t have a specific world or period in time. It is all up to your imagination. Therefore it is perfect to put in a different TTRPG. Use this game to create an adoption center together with your players, create the inhabitants and see which personalities and monsters will come, go, or stick around.

monster adoption center cover page

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