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Interview: Martin from the Daddy Rolled a 1 blog!

I’ve known Martin as DaddyRolleda1 on twitter for over a year now, and we’ve had chats about playing TTRPG’s with kids from the start – he was one of my inspirations for starting the TTRPGkids blog, and it was an awesome opportunity to get to sit down and chat about his experiences with table top role playing games, working with Wizards of the Coast, and introducing his daughter and her friends to D&D.
Princesses of the Pizza Parlor - part 1

TTRPGkids BOOK review: Princesses of the Pizza Parlor

Princesses of the Pizza Parlor by Maikel Yarimizu is the story of and uncle running a tabletop role playing game for his niece and her tween friends.  It’s a fun tale that follows their character’s adventures in the game… and the drama between the players outside of the game as they navigate their friendships.  I enjoyed the read, and I hope you and your kids do too!
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Teen’s TTRPG review: Inspirisles

Inspirisles is a beautifully illustrated game that utilizes sign language as one of the spell casting components!  Since I saw it, I knew I wanted to try it out with my son, and I was very excited to see him pick Inspirisles up right away (he even asks for it as the sign magic game now).  This game was amazing, and I hope you give it a try!

Tips and Tricks: Turning your kid’s board games in RP time!

A lot of parents haven’t played D&D or classical TTRPG’s before and could be a little intimidated starting them out with their kids.  However, most parents have probably played board games and are familiar with a lot of the mechanics.  This can be a great springboard for starting to introduce role-playing elements seen in TTRPG’s to your games before adding a whole new ruleset.