cover page with STEM bot for the STEM Station TTRPG adventure for kids

STEM Station: A Space Station Adventure for your tabletop RPGs!

STEM Station: A Space Station Adventure is a space and science-themed tabletop RPG setting for kids! Designed with unique locations, characters, and art, this fun adventure is great for some stellar fun!

Welcome to STEM Station, a research base that’s built on and in an asteroid!

portal to STEM Station for the STEM Station TTRPG adventure for kids

As a magical sliding door opens with a FWOOSH and pulls you into a swirling portal, you suddenly find yourself in the middle of STEM Station, a research station in an asteroid flying through space! Take on challenges throughout the station’s many labs to track down the self-stealing STEM bot that are “fixing” the station and to make medicine for a sick pilot!

STEM Station is a kid-friendly adventure that focuses on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics themes in a setting that’s fun and playful for kids that love space, sci-fi, and adventure!

Unique locations, NPCs, plothooks, art, and more for fam-friendly tabletop RPG fun!

Dr. Stem from STEM Station tabletop RPG adventure

STEM Station features 8 fun locations and 10 awesome NPCs to run a full adventure or to add into your existing games for some sciencey fun.

Each location is on an individual page for easy reference and includes core NPC details for that location to make it easy for the group to either self-run the game or for a game leader to quickly see all relevant information without doing any prep.

Each location/NPC page also includes art made specifically for this game setting, and a couple have some bonus activities that you can add in as well!

Flexible game encounters facilitate multiple resolution paths

STEM Station also includes 3 encounters for players to face, and each one can be solved in multiple ways. Players may choose to use their skills to persuade and negotiate, to help the individual, or to face perceived opponents directly. Bonuses may also be rewarded for completing certain character-specific tasks prior to or during the encounter!

While the encounters are built to work on Glyfi Scouts, they can be interpreted to work with any system with similar flexibility or by using the Glyfi Scouts encounter sheet to track social elements and using your preferred system to track skill checks.

STEM Station made for Glyfi Scouts, but usable on any tabletop RPG system!

computer chip glyph from Glyfi Scouts STEM Station

STEM Station is set up with tools to play as part of Glyfi Scouts, however, this setting can work for any system.

If playing with Glyfi Scouts, it is framed to be part of that adventure set and comes with print-and-play tokens and pre-filled encounter sheets needed for playing with the Glyfi system.

To outfit for other systems, you would need to create your own tweaks to the encounter sheets, but, other than that, the story, plotlines, and NPCs are all able to drop into any system for a fun adventure in the tabletop RPG system of your choice!

The STEM Station game setting includes:

STEM Station - space station in an asteroid for the STEM Station TTRPG adventure
  • 8 fun locations
  • 10 engaging NPCs
  • 3 flexible encounters
  • Game-unique artwork on every location/character page combo
  • A chain of awesome plothooks
  • A map of STEM Station
  • 3 science themed Glyfi glyphs (including 1 new ones)
  • Filled in Glyfi Scouts power tracker guide
  • Print and play glyph token sheet
  • Bonus coloring pages

Keep an eye out for more adventure!

In addition to this space themed adventure, I’m making other premade adventures and games and more Glyfi glyphs!  Follow on itchio, kofi, or the TTRPGkids newsletter to stay up to date on the latest adventures and game add-ons that I’ll be publishing AND for news on game jams and other events!

Thank you, and check out here to find STEM Station and enjoy a tabletop RPG with your kids!

cover page with STEM bot for the STEM Station TTRPG adventure for kids

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