Wispers: A TTRPG about who THE GHOSTS call for help

This game was made by TTRPGkids as part of the XD6 SRD Game Jam! Help ghosts and spirits in need while collecting Wisp that gives you special ghostly powers so you can pull off some epic moves!

What is Wispers

Wispers is a tabletop role-playing game (TTRPG) about who the ghosts call for help!

Think of Wispers as taking Danny Phantom or Ghostbusters and crossing it with Studio Ghibli themes and Casper!  Instead of using your ghostly powers and gear to capture and contain, you’re trying to help friendly ghosts and spirits in need.

So… who are Wispers?

A Wisper is a living person who helps ghosts and spirits, and they are the character that you’ll be playing in this TTRPG.

Wispers recieve requests from ghosts and spirits in a variety of ways and are often asked to help with tasks like delivering a message, saving an old family home from being torn down, or stopping an ancient evil spirit that they unwittingly released.

Wispers earned their name from the Wisp that they collect as payment for their work and that gives them ghostly powers.

And… what is Wisp?

Wisp is energy that ghosts and spirits leave behind or will offer as payment to helpful Wispers. 

Wisp can be found on the trail to a task, left behind on objects, or as a gift from a friendly ghost or spirit.

Wisp is what Wispers use to gain special ghost-like abilities… and it’s how you grow your dice pool for pulling off some epic ghosty superpowered moves!

Find a copy of Wispers to try it out yourself!

You can find a copy of Wispers on either the TTRPGkids itch.io account or the TTRPGkids ko-fi!

Thank you for checking the game out, I hope you enjoy it, and… happy haunting!

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