Phantastic Heroes

Phantastic Heroes – Powered by PUSH SRD

Work with your team to establish yourselves as the heroes of Phatastopolis and save the day! This game was published as part of the Push JAM, and it uses the PUSH SRD.

In Phantastic Heros, you are a bunch of superheroes in training! Whether you are just starting out your hero journey or have been training as a sidekick, the International Hero Association has decided to test you all out by giving you your own home base and putting you in charge of watching over Phantastopolis! Work together to protect the city from natural disasters, help make life easier for the city’s residents, reform troublemakers, and build up your base so you can earn your place amongst the heroes of legend! 

Phantastic Heroes is based on the Push SRD, developed, authored, and edited by Cezar Capacle , and licensed for our use under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license.   It was also published as part of the Push JAM – go check out the other games there as well!

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