All Ages TTRPG Review: Amazing Tales

I was recommended Amazing Tales by so many people and was very happy to eventually try it out!  Amazing Tales was very flexible, super engaging for my kid, and easy to pick up.  It was a lot of fun, and I had a great time introducing it to my family.

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All artwork shown is from the Amazing Tales game and used with permission from the author.

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Age range: 4+

Amazing Tales is specifically designed for kids ages 4+, but I had no problem playing with my 3yo.  The mechanics are easy to understand and only require being able to count to 12. The plot hook suggestions are all kid friendly and adjustable to your child’s comfort level.  The questions that the game asks are within the capacity for a child to answer, and the settings were an instant click with my child.  I didn’t have to modify the mechanics or set up at all on this one.

There are also a ton of great tips and tricks in this book to help with running adventures for kids and make it a little easier to play and understand, especially if this is your and your child’s first TTRPG together.


There are four settings suggested for your adventures:

  • The Deep Dark Wood
  • The Magical Kingdoms of Long Ago
  • The Pirate Seas
  • Among the Stars

All settings come with a great list of questions to ask in order to set up your game with input from your child.  They also come with plot hooks to get you started on making your adventure, and there’s enough flexibility that you can easily homebrew additional settings or plot hooks to match your kid’s interests. 

For us, we ran the Pirate Seas setting and dealt with a giant parrot, surviving a night on an island, and finding a buried treasure!  It was a lot of fun and very easy to put together a solid 30+ minute story.

Your character:  

Character creation was streamlined and easy to set up with my child.  Your character has a name, you can draw a picture of them, and you pick 4 skills (there is a suggestion list or you can come up with your own) that define what they can do.  That is all you need to track!  There’s a lot of freedom for kids to get as creative as they want in coming up with their character, or they can pick something easy to play and understand, which is great for adapting to different age ranges or skill levels.


Dice and skills: 

The four skills that you selected during character creation each have a die assigned to it – either a d12, d10, d8, or d6.  When you use your skill, you roll that dice to beat a certain threshold for success that stays constant during the game (so it is easy for kids to track and not be upset with changing skill check values).  There are suggestions for what threshold to use and also how to adjust the game for if you only have d6 dice available.

Question prompts: 

I include this in the mechanics section versus the setting because I feel like it is a core part of involving your child in the game and helping them actively be part of the story. 

Throughout each setting, there are questions for creating the scene and deciding what the area will be like, what is the weather, where are you going, who is in charge, etc. You ask these questions to your child and let them help create the story.  They get vested in it. Making the setting becomes part of playing the game to them.  

For example, when I asked my son what was on the island they landed on he wanted a volcano… There is now a volcano there!  And he was so happy about it because he made that happen and got to help create the scene.

What did my kid think?

My son had a blast!  He was super into creating the setting and trailing through several plot hooks. He was also very excited to play with dice, especially since he didn’t need us to step in and help too often.  He was very interested in the artwork, and really liked having a pirate adventure (we hadn’t done too many up until now).  He’s already asking to do more, and I am looking forward to playing the other settings with him as well.


Amazing Tales is a great game for young kids that also offers a lot of help to adults in the form of tips, prompts, and easy to understand mechanics.  It is a solid family friendly game, and a good choice for starting your kids out on TTRPG’s.

Where to find and purchase a copy:

A copy of Amazing Tales can be found on DriveThruRPG

Please let me know in the comments if you have any questions, tried the game because of this post, or have played this game before!

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