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20 spooky (but not too scary) tabletop RPGs for kids!

Trying to find the right level of scary for kids in a tabletop RPG can be tough – a lot of the spooky games out there are fairly far on the slider.
To help with finding a happy medium, check out here for some awesome spooky (but not too scary) tabletop RPGs for kids!

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Finding the right amount of spooky in your kid’s tabletop RPG

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I made this list so you could find some options for spooky tabletop RPGs that work with a young kids all in one place! Looking up “spooky tabletop RPG for kids” or “Halloween tabletop RPG for kids” before making this list resulted in a lot of fairly intense horror game lists that got top position in the search. It took some digging to find a few of these, so I’m hoping this help parents, teachers, caregivers, and anyone wanting to share some casual Halloween fun some options more easily!

With that in mind, I also know that everyone is different.  Some kids want scary games, and others may find certain elements of the games listed here too scary.  I did my best to sort them out and give a little bit of a description so you at least have an easier time picking and finding some options that will work for your particular players.

Suggestions for adding to this spooky tabletop RPGs for kids list

If you have a recommendation for a game to add, please let me know through the TTRPGkids contact form so I can consider adding it to my big game list or plan it into my review schedule.  I’ll be adding to this list as I come across more games as well, so stay tuned! For recommendations, I’m looking for spooky or Halloween-set games that are geared at kids or are intended for all-ages as they are currently published.

List of spooky tabletop RPGs for kids!

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Cryptid Creeksseeking out cryptids in a mystery-themed settingfeatured projectall ageskickstarter
Moon Curser Kids Holiday 3-in-1 bundleA 3-in-1 holiday adventure pack that includes a Halloween adventure!featured projectall ageskickstarter
Mages and Macrophageszombies!!review6+game website
You're (Not) A Wizardattend magic school!Featured Project!all ageskickstarter
Kids on Broomsattend magic school!12+game website
Magic and Mischiefattend magic school!all agesitchio
Witch Girlsattend magic school and solve mysteries!all agesDriveThru RPG
Meddling Kidssolve spooky mysteries7+DriveThruRPG
Tricks, Treats, and Spooky Streetssolve spooky mysteries!all agesitchio
Mystery Snackssolve spooky mysteriesPublished by TTRPGkids!all agesitchio
Skellian: A Land of Tricks and Treatsspooky setting made specifically for kids!Published by TTRPGkids!all agesitchio
StoryGuider: Sandy's Holiday Specialsattend a halloween party!Published by TTRPGkids!2+itchio
Hero Kidsseveral spooky settings (like ghost pirates!)review4+game website
Crawl of Cthulhuspooky setting and school!featured project4+DriveThru
Draculolaplay as kid monstersfeatured project8+itchio
Monster Adoption Centermonster pets and adoptees!featured projectall agesitchio
Monsters and Other Childish Thingsmonster pets!8+game website
Eldritch Petsmonster pets!reviewall agesitchio
I am the Witchcompete against fellow witches!all agesitchio
Numbskullsskeletons pretending to be human!reviewall agesitchio
Last Chancea kid's last trick-or-treatall agesitchio
Friends with Ghostsplay as or befriend a ghost!all agesitchio
DnD Adventure Clubcheck out their spooky trilogy in the past issues section!review
8+game website
Ravenloft Gave Me Goosebumpstips for playing different horror genre style games but with kids8+DriveThru
Color My Quest: Into the Ghost Shipspooky setting made specifically for kids!4+DriveThru
Color My Quest: Into the Haunted Mansionspooky setting made specifically for kids!4+DriveThru

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