Review: Monster of the Week, a supernatural TTRPG to try with teens!

Monster of the Week is a TTRPG system that sets you up for supernatural mystery-solving shenanigans!  This TTRPG is recommeded for teens but, as I saw in the charity stream I played in last year, can easily be made PG, and is a great system for offering player choice.
Draculola, a spooky TTRPG for kids - title image

Featured project: Draculola, a spooky tabletop RPG for kids!

Check out Draculola for some spooky fun geared at kids! In this tabletop RPG, you play as monsters (or monster-like kids) who take on adventures and maybe also stir up some trouble in the land of Zitterstein. Find out more here, and have a scarily good game!
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30 spooky (but not too scary) tabletop RPGs for kids!

Trying to find the right level of scary for kids in a tabletop RPG can be tough – a lot of the spooky games out there are fairly far on the slider.
To help with finding a happy medium, check out here for some awesome spooky (but not too scary) tabletop RPGs for kids!