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Diceless tabletop RPGs for dice game alternatives!

Check out this list of diceless tabletop RPGs for when you want an alternative to dice games, want to try out a new type of system, or are looking for inspiration for your next game!

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Helping you find some alternatives to dice games and mechanics!

I made this list to help you find tabletop RPGs that have different types of mechanics that do not involve dice! There’s games that are based on card decks or coin flips and some that are entirely based on storytelling! I hope this list helps you find some cool new mechanics to try out or give you inspiration for shaking things up with your next game!

I did my best to sort through the games here so you can have an easier time reviewing and picking some options that will work for your particular players without having to search around. I also know that everyone is different, so please review any games for yourself and your particular players before jumping in. 

Suggestions for adding to this list of diceless tabletop RPGs

If you have a recommendation for a game to add, please let me know through the TTRPGkids contact form so I can consider adding it to this list or my big game list!  I’ll be adding to this list as I come across more games, so stay tuned! For recommendations, I’m looking for tabletop RPGs and journaling RPG games with mechanics that are not based on dice and that are geared at kids or are intended for all-ages as they are currently published.

List of tabletop RPGs that don’t use dice!

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GDEC (Global Dragon Egg Conservation)journaling, deck of cardsall agesitchioreview
Wanderlustjournaling, printable cardsall agesitchioreview
Precious Little Animaljournalingall agesitchio
The Princess Gamestorytellingall agesDriveThru
Fighting Monstersstorytelling and drawingall agesitchio
Complete the Queststorytelling, adventure book paths with full character party8+Barnes and Noblereview
StoryGuider: A TTRPG to play with toddlers!worksheets, pick and choose2+itchioPublished by TTRPGkids!
Fairies of the Mistgladetier 1: no dice
tier 2: no dice
tier 3: d20 system
3+game website
Dino Riderztier 1: no dice
tier 2: no dice
tier 3: d20 system
3+game website
I am the Witchno diceall agesitchio
Wanderhomeno diceall agesgame website
No Mice, No Meowstersno dice
(1d6 opt at start)
all agesitchioreview
Banda's Groveno diceall agesgame websiteFeatured Project!
Re-di-gohand signals/finger countingall agesgame websitereview
Figmentrock-paper-scissorsall agesitchio
8+game websiteinterview
Delvecards4+game website
Expeditioncards8+game website
Once Upon a Timecardsall agesgame website
Omotenashideck of cardsall agesitchioreview
Talent Questdeck of cardsall agesitchio
Dixitcard game8+amazon
For the Queencustom card deck13+game website
Argyle & Crewsock puppets!4+DriveThru

DriveThru (ideas book)
Glyfi SRDprintable tokensall agesitchioPublished by TTRPGkids!
Glyfi Scoutsprintable tokensall agesitchioPublished by TTRPGkids!

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