TTRPGkids MC3 wrap up

Recap from TTRPGkids at Motor City Comic Con

On May 21, TTRPGkids did a talk, along with Tim Saucer, at Motor City Comic Con! This post is to give a wrap up of the talk, post the recorded audio, and talk about a few cool things I saw at the convention!

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Talk and Panel: The Unique Challenges and Joys of Running TTRPGs with Kids!

Tim Saucer and I gave a talk + panel combo at Motor City Comic Con (MC3) on Sunday, May 21 about our XP running games with kids!

Find the audio here and check out below for photos, speaker details, and more about the convention!

Connect with the speakers:

Tim Saucer

Steph (from TTRPGkids)

Other Motor City Comic Con highlights

Aside from the talk, I also attended the convention on my own because this is my hometown convention, and I normally go anyway!

MC3 in general

Their panels, guests, and hall set up were great as always, I got to attend a live podcast recording featuring two of the stars of Psych (which I watched quite a bit as a teen), and got some snazy bowties to wear at my next talk – I had a lot of fun, and I’m looking forward to the fall show!

MC3 kid’s room and kid’s day

MC3 has a designated kids room where there’s toys and craft supplies availalbe in a space designated for kids to have some time off from the convention hall and allow parents to swap kid duties so one can go to a panel or talk for a bit. They also have events for kids too, like when the Ghostbusters of Michigan came in and helped all the kids make slime! Sunday was a special kid-focused day with extra activities and activity books to help kids follow along with the convention program.

MC3 Geek Therapeutics room

MC3 also had a Geek Therapeutics room! I was really happy to see this, especially with having spoken to a few people from Geek Therapeutics before on the blog, and it was a really nice wind-down space. I stopped in for a bit to have a nice chat with some of the faciliators in the room who work with Geek Therapeutics, and I’m glad that MC3 is setting up accomodations like this for their attendees.

Resources for playing tabletop RPGs with kids:

If you’re looking for some resources that connect with our talk (and maybe even contain references to a story or two from the audio), check out these TTRPGkids posts that can help you out!

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