Recap and talk audio from TTRPGkids at Origins Game Fair 2023

TTRPGkids was able to go to Origins Game Fair 2023 to run a whole bunch of events centering around all-ages gaming! Check out here for the recap and the recorded audio from some of the talks in case you couldn’t make it!

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Panel audio from TTRPGkids at Origins Game Fair

For people who couldn’t make it in person, I recorded the audio for the three panels that TTRPGkids put together at Origins! The audio for each panel is under the subtitle for the talk and is followed by speaker info and resources to check out while you’re listening!

Panel: Publishing in Geek Spaces: Games, Books, and More

Speaker links:

Relevant resources on TTRPGkids:

Panel: Games and Education: Making Learning Fun

Speaker links:

Relevant resources on TTRPGkids:

Panel: The Therapeutic Benefits of Tabletop RPGs

Speaker links:

Relevant resources on TTRPGkids:

Other events (games and workshop) by TTRPGkids at Origins

TTRPGkids also ran several games and a workshop at Origins! I didn’t take pictures because there were lots of kids there, but I ran some really fun games of StoryGuider and Glyfi, held a storytime and journaling session from Finding Familiars, and ran a workshop on Making a TTRPG for YOUR Particular Kid! It was really cool getting to introduce TTRPGs to more families, seeing the kids get so excited about getting to color as part of the game, and chatting with parents and teachers about how TTRPGs can work with really young kids.

Saying hello and checking out some awesome games at Origins!

In addition to the events over the weekend, I also got to check out a ton of cool games on the floor and say hi to a lot of people that I’ve only know virtually prior to the event! I got to talk with:

And I’m excited to check out some new games and books!

Future TTRPGkids convention events

For future events, I’ll post them here on the site as they happen. Right now, I have submissions pending for GenCon Online and Grand Con with hopes to also submit for Pax Unplugged and SXSW EDU 2024 once submissions are open! Stay tuned, and to help support future events like this… Please check out how to support TTRPGkids to help keep events like this going!

Live events are a lot of fun and they facilitate outreach to people who want to learn about all of this but aren’t on social media AND it helps me to see the impact this has. However, travel and planning costs are a factor. Any support for future events is greatly appreciated, and, in addition to crowdfunding and trying some of the TTRPGkids games, a tweet, post, recommendation, or friendly note can really help others find these resources and supports TTRPGkids in a big way (my main goal is to just get resources in people’s hands).

Thank you for playing tabletop RPGs with your kids and helping to bring this fun hobby to the next generation! Keep up to date on new reviews, games, and articles with the TTRPGkids monthly newsletter, and please also let me know in the comments or by email if you have any questions or plan on attending the convention and talk! To find out more about the sponsor at the top of the page who are helping to keep TTRPGkids rolling, please check out the sponsor page here!

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