TTRPGkids is going to GaryCon Ethereal!

TTRPGkids is going to GaryCon Ethereal!

TTRPGkids is going to be at GaryCon Ethereal (March 23 – 26)! Check out here to games set for the TTRPGkids sponsored discord channel, what panels are planned (with some awesome creators who you will probably recognize from previous posts), and how to sign up!

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TTRPGkids related Gary Con Ethereal events and extras

TTRPGkids is sponsoring a designated kid-friendly discord channel for Gary Con Ethereal! This means that it’s a comfortable spot for kids and families to play tabletop RPGs during the virtual convention. I’m also setting up several panels and a workshop on some awesome topics and in collaboration with some wonderful creators, many of whom have been featured on TTRPGkids previously (now’s your chance to chat with them)! Check it out here, and sign up for a fun weekend, for some awesome games and chats, and to help show how much of a community we’ve built around TTRPGs for kids!

All ages friendly games on the TTRPGkids sponsored discord channel for Gary Con Ethereal

**All times are in Gary Con local time CDT (UTC -5:00)**

Wyrmlings (Sat, March 25 @ 10:00am)CURRENTLY FULL

Check out the game before the Kickstarter finishes to try out this awesome kid-focused dragon adventure!

The Fae Team (Sat, March 25 @ 10:00am)

Play as fae-touched woodland critters on an epic mission in this call-back to series like The A Team! Check out the TTRPGkids review here to see how awesome it is!

StoryGuider (Sat, March 25 @ 11:00am AND Sun, March 26 @ 2:00pm)

I’m running two sessions (you can attend one or both) of StoryGuider, a TTRPG for pre-K kids! Adventure with Sandy the Dragon or with Will the Wizard (in training) in these two quests for young ones!

TTRPGkids panels and workshop during Gary Con Ethereal

**All times are in Gary Con local time CDT (UTC -5:00)**

Workshop: Making a Tabletop RPG for YOUR Particular Kid (Fri, March 24 @noon)

I’m running a workshop to walk you through how to make a tabletop RPG that fits your kid’s wants and needs in 1 hour on a fillable worksheet!

Check out the worksheet and additional info here.

Panel: Self Publishing Your TTRPG Idea (Fri, March 24 @ 2:00pm)

Join a group of experienced TTRPG self-publishers to talk about how you can use our tips and tricks to self-publish your own TTRPG ideas!

Discussion: Ampersand RPG – Tabletop RPGs for Kids (Sat, March 25 @ 1:00pm)

Organized and led by Nathan from Ampersand RPG, this talk on the TTRPGkids channel talks about cool ways to adjust game mechanics for kids and about their latest Kickstarter!

Panel: Playing D&D With Kids (Sat, March 25 @ 2:00pm)

Join these awesome game facilitators, teachers, and parents to talk about how running D&D can be both rewarding and challenging and how to handle some of those challenges from their XP!

Special Meet and Greet With Tattered Bear! (Sun, March 26 @ 9:00am)

Come say hi to the founders of Tattered Bear! Tattered Bear is a new all-ages TTRPG publishing company, and this is the grand unveiling!!

Panel: Teaching With TTRPGs (Sun, March 26 @ 3:00pm)

Chat with educators who use TTRPGs in the classroom and/or at home with their own kids to see how you can use TTRPGs to teach from pre-K level up through college (and beyond)!

Keep an eye out for a free game key during the event!

During Gary Con, I’ll have a special download key for a free game (or maybe a few) on the final TTRPGkids Gary Con coverage landing page AND during some of the events (code given out during the game or panel). Stay tuned for some freebies!

Collaboration with TI’TAINS for in-person and virtual presence

I want to also give a special shout out to Howie from TI’TAINS who I’m tag-teaming Gary Con with. While I’m running TTRPGkids events for Ethereal, Howie is going to be at Gary Con in-person with accessibility focused swag bags to help provide resources for convention goers! He also is connecting me with Knights of the Braille to help with setting up an instructions and resource page for during the convention and is teaming up with me for a sweet Gary Con flier!

How to sign up for Gary Con Ethereal

To sign up for Gary Con Ethereal, there is an instructions page on the Gary Con website here with all the details and I have broken it down below as well.

To sign up for games and panels:

  1. Create an account on TableTop Events here
  2. Buy a Gary Con Ethereal badge at the bottom of the screen here
    • The base Ethereal badge is $5 and grants you access to EVERYTHING in Ethereal
  3. Sign up to attend events here
    • To find the TTRPGkids event, type “TTRPGkids” in the search box
    • Make sure to click “GET” on that page and then “GET TICKET FOR…” on the next page
    • Make sure to then go to your cart after adding all your tickets and then “CHECK OUT FOR FREE” (scroll down to find the button)

To host a game or event, follow steps 1 and 2 above but then go here to register your submission.

If you want your game or event to be on the TTRPGkids channel:

  • Make sure to say so in the comments box at the end of the form
  • Send me an email at so I can help coordinate
  • Try to schedule for a time not already planned for another TTRPGkids channel game so people have the opportunity to attend multiple games

Resources to check out before the convention

Prior to the convention, here’s some TTRPGkids resources to check out related to the panelists, events, and games here!

Interviews with panelists

Info on games and projects

EDU TTRPG resources

Quick reference general resources for playing TTRPGs with kids

(there is WAY more on the site, but these are some good starters)

Supporting the TTRPGkids sponsored channel at Gary Con Ethereal

The best things you can do to help support this event are to:

  • sign up for panels and games
  • spread the word and invite friends
  • post about the events (before or after)

Aside from this, if you are able to help support the cost for sponsoring the channel, I have a ko-fi page set up here where I am crowdfunding the cost for sponsoring the Ethereal discord channel and my site fees for the year. I have rewards for subscribers and greatly appreciate the support!

I appreciate your support in any of these ways, and thank you!

Thank you and see you at Gary Con Ethereal!

Thank you for checking this preview for Gary Con Ethereal, and I hope to see you there! If you liked this post and want to keep up to date on future updates and events, make sure to subscribe to the TTRPGkids monthly newsletter and check out some of my reviewstips and tricksgame and podcast lists, and more (including some upcoming EDU features). Thank you for playing tabletop RPGs with your kids and for sharing this awesome hobby with the next generation!

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