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Awesome card-based tabletop RPGs for kids and teens!

Check out these awesome card based tabletop RPGs for kids and teens so you can try out a different type of game or be able to bust out a game wherever you are with just a deck of cards!

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Cards adding different elements to your tabletop RPGs!

I made this list so you could find some card-based tabletop RPGs to give a bit different feel for your games. Sometimes, you want to try something different from dice or want to see if using cards helps with keeping focus in the game more (it makes choice points clear and gives an object to focus on for the game). There are actually A LOT of card based tabletop RPGs out there, but like with dice base tabletop RPGs, a lot of them aren’t really focused on or great for kids. This list is about games that are focused on kids, teens, or all ages with target audience ages listed so you can find something that’s just right! I also listed out how the cards are used so you know if you need a custom deck of cards or can use a standard deck of playing cards.

I’m hoping this help parents, teachers, caregivers, and anyone wanting to try out using a card based tabletop RPG with their kids, but, with that in mind, I also know that everyone is different.  I did my best to sort through the games here and give a little bit of a description so you can have an easier time reviewing and picking some options that will work for your particular players without having to search around, but please also use your own discression when picking a game for your particular players.

Suggestions for adding to this card based tabletop RPGs for kids and teens list

If you have a recommendation for a game to add, please let me know through the TTRPGkids contact form so I can consider adding it to this list or my big game list!  I’ll be adding to this list as I come across more games, so stay tuned! For recommendations, I’m looking for card based roleplaying games that are geared at kids or teens or are intended for all-ages, as they are currently published.

List of card based tabletop RPGs for kids and teens!

For smaller screens: Make sure to scroll right to get all the information on these kid-friendly tabletop RPG podcasts !
How cards are usedFind a copyTTRPGkids
Dragon Dowserall agescustom tarot cards + diceitchioreview
The Librarian's Apprenticeall agesstandard playing cards + 2d6
GDEC (Global Dragon Egg Conservation)all agesstandard playing cards + journalingitchioreview
UNLucky Adventurers8+custom cards + 1d6kickstarterreview
Omotenashiall agesdeck of playing cardsitchioreview
Adorablinsall agescustom cards + 2d6DriveThrureview
Fliptales8+custom cards + tokensgame websiteinterview
The Winter Wonder Expressall agescustom printable cards or standard playing cardsitchioPublished by TTRPGkids!
Business Card Questall ages (may vary per card, TTRPGkids cards are all ages)business cardsitchioPublished by TTRPGkids!
Adventure Builder5+custom cards + dicekickstarter
Alterra: Age of Explorationall agescustom cards + d20 systemgame website
Crescent Moonall agesprintable custom cards + d8 system
D&D Adventure Begins10+custom cards + tokens and dicegame website
D&D: Dungeon Scrawlers8+tile cards + tokensgame website
Delve4+standard playing cardsgame website
Dungeon Mayhem8+custom cards + tokensgame website
Expedition8+custom cardsgame website
Here to Slay10+custom cards + d6 systemgame website
Monster Madness8+custom cards + tokensgame website
Once Upon a Timeall agescustom cardsgame website
Robit Riddle8+custom cards + dicegame website
Silly Situations7+custom cardswalmart
Talent Questall agesstandard playing cardsitchio
Trashnauticaall agesstandard playing cards + 2d6itchio
For the Queen13+custom cardsgame website
Index Card RPGall agescustom cardsDriveThru

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