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Welcome to the Business Card Quest!

Check out here for more info on Business Card Quest, a tabletop RPG made for making a map of connection at conventions!

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What is the Business Card Quest?

Business Card Quest is a tabletop RPG adventure that is made up from prompts and map pieces found on the back of business cards that you collect at conventions!

Keep and combine your cards to form a map full of prompts that you can use for an eclectic and exciting adventure… and turn the whole gaming convention into a game itself!

TTRPGkids business card quest example map piece and prompt  - A Tiny Treasure

For Business Card Questers:

When you find a participating Quest Giver (vendor or creator), make sure to collect and keep their business card! The back has an adventure prompt and map piece on it that connects to others to create an adventure for the system of your choosing!

To play:

  • Pick a system (there’s some suggestions here)
  • Shuffle the business cards into a deck with the non-map side face up
  • Draw the top card from the deck
  • Place the card, map side up on the table
  • Follow the prompt before moving on and placing the next card
Business Card Quest - Quest Guide card

One thing I do want to note here is that TTRPGkids is kid-friendly and geared at running all ages or kid-focused games. However, not everyone participating in the Business Card Quest is going to follow that because they’re going to want to showcase their particular work and style. Because of that, please make sure to check the content on each card to see if it’s appropriate for your players before including in your adventures.

For Business Card Quest Givers:

Join in with other vendors to become a Quest Giver and help get your business cards out there and used by others!

Being a Quest Giver helps in several of ways:

  • People are more likely to take and keep your business card
  • People will see your business card every time they play
  • You can showcase the art and vibe from your game
  • It’s an awesome way to connect with other Quest Givers

To participate, print a map piece following the Business Card Quest dimensions on the back of your business cards. Include a short prompt, the scan code to this page, and any additional information you want to include. I have some tips and templates here on my itchio page to help get you started!

At the convention, point out the map when you give out a card and let Questers know that you are a Quest Giver and to look for other Quest Givers too!

Suggested systems to use with Business Card Quest

Business Card Quest is designed to be system agnostic, meaning that you should be able to play it with any system that you choose. Because there’s no system specified, I have a few suggestions for ones to check out that you might like to try:

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Thank you for checking out the Business Card Quest! If you liked this game or have an interest in running tabletop RPGs with your kids, check out the rest of the TTRPGkids site! Keep up to date on new reviews, games, and articles with the TTRPGkids monthly newsletter, and please also let me know in the comments if you have feedback on the site or if this has helped you in some way!

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