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Where to find… TTRPGkids guest spots and collaborations!

I’ve been doing guest spots on podcasts and streams and collaborations with other creators in addition to what’s on the TTRPGkids site! Check out here to see where I’ve been talking about TTRPGkids and working with others in the community!

Quick disclaimer! The specific collaborations that I participated in here are family-friendly, however, I cannot guarantee that for the rest of the content on someone else’s site or channel, so please use discursion if browsing.

Guest spots on podcasts, live streams, and more!

Here are some of the guest spots I’ve had on various media forms – I talk about introducing TTRPG’s to kids, my experiences playing them with my kiddo, and there’s sometimes an AP game thrown in!

Name + linkType of mediaLink to TTRPGkids guest spot/episode
Dad's and DragonsPodcast interviewSeason 3, episode 17
How Not to DMPodcast interviewNov 3 interview
Midlife DicesTwitch stream panelEpisode 12
Teachers Talk RadioPodcast panelThe Saturday Lunch Show (Dec 12, 2021)
Fabled42Twitch stream play of Fairies of the MistgladeNo longer available
Raised on DnDPodcast interviewS5E10

Other collaborations!

I’ve also been working with other creators and bloggers on content collaborations as well! I’ll post them here as more come in!

Coming soon are collabs on article swaps, kickstarters, and more!

Name + linkCollaboration descriptionLink to collaboration
Abyssal BrewsCreated a homebrew D&D item based on prompts from my 3yo!The Lightward's Focus!

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