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Where to find… TTRPGkids guest spots and collaborations!

I’ve been doing guest spots on podcasts and streams and collaborations with other creators in addition to what’s on the TTRPGkids site! Check out here to see where I’ve been talking about TTRPGkids and working with others in the community!

Note: This post may contain affiliate links. At no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission from purchases made using them. TTRPGkids uses this to keep the site going. Read full disclosure here.

Quick disclaimer! The specific collaborations that I participated in here are family-friendly, however, I cannot guarantee that for the rest of the content on someone else’s site or channel, so please use discression if browsing.

Guest spots on podcasts, live streams, conventions and more!

Here are some of the guest spots I’ve had on various media forms – I talk about introducing tabletop RPGs to kids, my experiences playing them with my kid, and even play in a few games!

Name + linkType of mediaLink to TTRPGkids guest spot/episode
Gaining Advantage Show by Wyrmworks PublishingPodcast interview Episode 32
Ludology PodcastRecurring monthly show segmentTTRPGkids Episode 1
CAR-PGaPodcast interviewTTRPGkids youtube interview
DM TalesYoutube live recordingChatting with TTRPGkids
Snyder's ReturnPodcast interviewEpisode: Interview -TTRPGkids
Party of 2 RPG on twitchTwitch stream panelThe Family Gaming Experience - Ep 5
Secret Nerd PodcastPodcast interviewSession 45: Games for Kids
Dad's and DragonsPodcast interviewSeason 3, episode 17
How Not to DMPodcast interviewNov 3 interview
Midlife DicesTwitch stream panelEpisode 12
Teachers Talk RadioPodcast panelThe Saturday Lunch Show (Dec 12, 2021)
Fabled42Twitch stream play of Fairies of the Mistgladeyoutube video
Raised on DnDPodcast interviewS5E10
Tabletop&BeyondPodcast chat and interviewEpisode 72
Scriv the Bard's Scribbler Hug Charity streamTwitch stream AP of Monster of the Week for Scribbler Hug 2023 charityvideo not available, so link is to Scriv's twitch channel
SXSW EDUWorkshop and panel at SXSW EDU with other TTRPG educators!event recap
Gary Con EtherealPanels and games at Gary Con Ethereal!event recap
Motor City Comic ConPanel about playing TTRPGs with kids!panel
Origins Game FairSeveral panels, a workshop, and a few games!panels, workshop, and games
Scheduled for LaunchPodcast interviewJune 20, 2023 episode
Indiana State LibraryWebinar series speakerJuly 20, 2023 lecture
GenCon OnlinePanel on simplifying game rules and mechanics for player accessibilityMadth Productions and TTRPGkids panel/talk

Kid-friendly projects, playtests, and article swaps!

I’ve also been working with other creators and bloggers on content collaborations! This includes writing, group projects and initiatives, blog article swaps, playtesting, kickstarter positions, etc.

Name + linkCollaboration descriptionLink to collaboration
Tattered Bear Publishing CompanyCo-founder, social media manager, project management leadTattered Bear website
The Pendragon's Primer by Hatchling GamesWriter and team leadPlanned release in 2023
Color My Quest: Dungeon Run Adventures by Dice Up GamesStretch goal guest writer!kickstarter page
Overisles by Hatchling GamesStretch goal guest writer!kickstarter page
Wyrmlings RPGStretch goal guest writer!kickstarter page
ShadomainGuest articleMaking TTRPG encounters for kids
DaddyRolledA1 blogSwapped guest articles on TTRPG's for kidsThe joys and challenges of running TTRPGs with kids
Abyssal BrewsCreated a homebrew D&D item based on prompts from my 3yo!The Lightward's Focus!
Luck of Legends blogSwapped guest articles on TTRPG's for kidsTeaching Toddlers with RPG's
OvergrownHelped with quick reference guide and playtestitchio page
Gangs Jr by Koala Bear SwampPlaytest creditcoming soon page
Little but Fierce by DC BradshawPlaytest creditDriveThruRPG
Brave the BirthdayParticipated in charity bundle to support Brave Space Alliance Chicagocharity bundle
Lil GremlinsPlaytest creditreview

Other collaborations by Steph C!

And I also work on some collaborations outside of TTRPGkids – these may not be kid-friendly, but I wanted to mention some of my other work as well in case the grown-ups were interested in some cool projects!

Name + linkCollaboration descriptionLink to collaboration
AQHPlaytested campaign and was a stretch goal writer!Tower of the Soul
AQHPlaytested campaignAdventures in ADHD
AQHPlaytested campaignRescue Rainbow City
D20TalesTeamed up for Dallas Fan Expo!D20Tales youtube coverage of TTRPGkids
CrowdfundrKids and YA Spotlight Event PartnerKids and YA Spotlight Event

Thank you for checking out these collaborations and the tabletop RPG community. I will continue to add to this list as I meet and work with other awesome creators. If you would like to do a collaboration with me, you can contact me through the TTRPGkids contact from.

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